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Temporary new shoot location.

Now that we no longer have use of the European school, we need to find a decent permanent site, preferably one with good vehicle access, some trees to make it interesting,not stony ground, and that grass which never seems to get too long!!
We are investigating a number of possibilities, including the back of Jet, Some of Bernie Wallis`s fields, some of Hughie Farrant`s fields, possible lease of the lock site ( while having a scheme to cut the grass periodically), and a number of fields belonging to farmers that Bertie knows around Long Wittenham.
In the meantime, Bernie Wallis has very kindly given us the use of the field by the railway line at Culham which is a great stop gap until we get somewhere permanent.(We have the field until November.) Sunday shoots will be here until we find better. Best to park at the top of the track by the road unless very dry weather,prepare and walk down to the field. You can park at the bottom in the field but its pretty sticky and you`ll spend the afternoon cleaning the clay off your car wheels!! Definitely a case for stout boots/wellies unless its been dry for a couple of days before a shoot.