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Robert Hardy

I assume its OK for ex members to post a new thread ?

Popped in to see if anything mentioned about the (very) recent death of Robert Hardy.

I know in the early days of the club we attended in some numbers for a lecture by him in Oxford - a very pleasant and knowledgeable man.

I had always hoped we would get him to visit a club event, but I don't think it ever happened - at least not in my time ?

Still hope to get back and hopefully participate (or even rejoin) - perhaps in the ew year.

Hopefully tonight we can all raise a glass to Mr Hardy's memory (I certainly will).

Re: Robert Hardy

Yes, such a shame regarding Mr Hardy. Still 91 is a good innings.

I remember that lecture very well although I can't recall which Oxford college it was at - possibly Corpus Christi or Exeter. I should know as it was one of my old haunts. At the end of his talk he gave freely of his time and the CHLS members - of the current club, I think it was just myself and Dobbs -
who were there had a convivial and highly informative chat with him. A genuine toxophilite.

Re: Robert Hardy

Yes, it was Exeter college, and I remember that brilliant and fascinating though his talk was, it did not stop the student stampede out of the hall when he finished. Rather like the rush for the exits at the cinema when the credits roll. He suddenly appeared a little lost and deserted,which was when we went down to the front of the hall and asked him if he would carry on for a while. " Of course I will! I will be delighted to", came his quick and friendly reply. Well, he stayed and chatted to us about longbows and the 100 years war for close to an hour.One of those very rare moments of extreme privilege rarely experienced and never forgotten.
He had a grandson at Radley at the time, and I suggested he would be very welcome to come and visit us,but suggested also that as a youngster it would probably be best if
he accompanied him.He agreed utterly, suggesting that he would also enjoy the visit. Alas,for whatever the reason, it never happened, but I have fond and lasting memories of that meeting, and I am saddened by his passing.