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Club banter!

Thought it would be an idea to put some of the more humorous club banter and references on here to replace those possibly lost on the old forum.No doubt Ed will chip in with a few that don`t immediately come to mind.

The forgiving tape (red) In reality about three millimetres longer than the other scoring tapes but blessed with magical qualities. Also known as the tape of forgiveness and absolution!

"That will come down with ice on it!" Casual reference when someone shoots a much higher angle than 45 degrees.

"Caam on Stevens!" Tribute to Tim Stevens, a former member still missed by the older members. Verbally assaulted himself for shooting what he considered a bad arrow.Still uttered by Dobbs and Ed for no particular reason.

" I have four in!" Often uttered by Tango Tina.

" Is that in?" Often uttered by Ayemac even though he knows it is`nt.

"A Robin Hood" Arrow very close to the base of a tree. Like the one legend has it, that he shot from the lavatory seat in the tower of the nunnery just before he died, uttering "Bury me where the arrow falls".

"Betty`s" An archer`s hot weather affliction effecting only male archers. Involves problems of heat within the nether clothing and easily identified by the cowboy like gait of the sufferer.

"Peripheral shooting" Getting all your arrows fractionally outside the scoring zone in a nice circle.Said by some to involve much more skill than getting close to the flag.

"Six point flush" A flush with all arrows in scoring one point each.

"Rifle shooting". What proper archers do, not those between sixteen and sixty, taught to rain arrows on the advancing enemy.

"Nein" With or without goose stepping around with one finger under the nose. Shouted upon receiving a score of nine.

"Sevennn!" Similar to the Nein thing but taken from Len goodman on the panel of "Strictly come dancing"

"Cwm Boy! Cwm Boy!" Uttered by Marc Powell to encourage his arrow to the flag.
Followed sometimes by sheepdog type whistle!

"Underwood`s dip" A
perceived or indeed possibly real dip in the ground making the flag look closer than it is making your arrows fall short. Usually encountered on Wednesday shoots.

Grassy Knoll.120 and 150 yard flag in the corner amongst the trees. Named after similar place in Dallas park where Kennedy could have been shot from.

"Melling Road" Coined by Derrrick Bettis from the Grand National course. ie "They are crossing the Melling road!" The road running through the lock site, on which Derrick broke hundreds of arrows in his time on the 150 yard flag.

"Gertcha" Exclamation by Derrick Bettis when releasing his arrow. ( Has to be uttered in a Cockney accent)

"Spock" A younger member in the early days who looked a lot like the legendary 1st liut; on the star ship enterprise.

"Raul Mote".Christened by Ed. A large muscle bound bloke of devious origins who came as a guest some years ago. Made derogatory comments before the shoot like "I`m used to proper bows, mot toys". Was more or less ignored and left the field at the end with head hung low and a score of five. Nothing needed to be said"

"Briggs and stratten lawn mower engine" Recommended by Spinner as great exercise for the bow arm. Constant pulling on the starter cord, never actually starts.

I`m sure I have not covered them all, so more are sure to follow!

Re: Club banter!

I am sure one pronounced it as 'come' rather than 'caam' !

Be afraid, be very afraid - I may yet return !

Re: Club banter!

"It`s the way you tell `em". Always glad to have you along, even if for a one off. Just let me know!

Re: Club banter!

Marc Powell says he chants " Come on Stevens" all the time now, even in his sleep!"

Re: Club banter!

Nice one Dobbss
Be good to see you back Tim. You must try.
How about next Sunday. Prob a BBQ at Lock Site.