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Re: Trading

Since nobody got back to you, I'll take my turn and try. First off, it's downright awesome that you've dived into this. Most of my friends have made a ton of mistakes because they were too lazy to spend time analyzing and reading reviews. Regardless of the asset you're trading, whether it's crypto, stocks, options, or anything else, the mechanism remains the same. You've got to collect information. And then, at the very least, go through some basic training. So I'd recommend a site where you can not only snag some free education but also get a free 7-day trial for live trading alerts. I went through the training myself in just two weeks, and that was very effective for me, even though I popped in without any prior trading experience in the needed area. Big thanks to David Jaffee for the top-notch site! It's been the best investment of time I've made in all my trading days. I'm feeling way more confident now. This websit just rocks!