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Re: Is Mahjong a game of luck or skill?

Mahjong is a game that involves both luck and skill. The game is played with tiles, and the objective is to create certain patterns with those tiles. The luck aspect comes in with the tiles that are dealt to each player, as well as the tiles that are available on the board. However, skill is also important, as players must make strategic decisions about which tiles to keep and which to discard, and must also be able to recognize and create the different patterns that can be made.

Re: Is Mahjong a game of luck or skill?

Mahjong is a fascinating blend of luck and skill. It's not just chance; strategies can significantly impact your game. Understanding the tiles' flow, discarding wisely, and keeping an eye on your opponents are key.

Personally, I adore the puzzle aspect of Mahjong Solitaire here - Playing it online enhances the experience. The solitary version sharpens my tile-matching skills and offers a mental workout.

Re: Is Mahjong a game of luck or skill?

Is Mahjong a game of luck or skill? What are some good strategies for playing mahjong?
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Re: Is Mahjong a game of luck or skill?

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Re: Is Mahjong a game of luck or skill?

Hi. Where can I find a site for Web Mahjong?

Re: Is Mahjong a game of luck or skill?

Searching for a stimulating intellectual challenge? The solution is Web Mahjong! This website, which fans have just recently stumbled onto, provides an exciting experience with its user-friendly layout and assortment of mahjong variations. Mahjong's clever and strategic gameplay kept players interested while offering a distinctive mental workout that honed brain faculties. Web Mahjong accommodates players of all skill levels, so it's the perfect place to go if you're looking for the ageless charm of this age-old Chinese classic

Re: Is Mahjong a game of luck or skill?

The greatest arcade game is the game that you loved the most.

Let's take the nostalgia glasses off for a while. There's obviously a difference of perception when we're talking arcades here. Most kids that play video games these days don’t know arcade games and experience some of the gems only with a little help of emulation software that is either legal or not so legal.

My generation played arcade games when these games were new. Back in the day most popular arcade games were ported to consoles. Mortal Kombat, Street Fighter II and Final Fight had their console adaptations, that were okay, but not as good as their original counterparts.

In the early days companies like Nintendo rolled out games like Donkey Kong and people that played Donkey Kong when it was new will tell you that there's no better game than Donkey Kong.

Then SNK and Capcom ruled the World. SNK even made their arcade titles playable at home via Neo-Geo, the Bentley of video game consoles. Sega Saturn was basically an arcade machine designed to play Sega AM2 games at home. Most SNK and Capcom arcade titles were released for the Saturn in their original form.

Fighting games and shooting games defined the arcade game experience. People were hogging these cabinets for hours. There was always a kid that knew all the moves and played better than most Capcom pro players these days. You had to wait in line with a few quarters for at least 30 minutes to get your ass kicked in less than a minute. That was awesome.

Then arcade games went 3D and that was just the next level. Virtua Fighter, Tekken, Dead or Alive, Time Crisis. Man, these games were awesome. Suddenly Street Fighter games and Mortal Kombat games were irrelevant because 3D was the new hot ****.

Sony PlayStation, Nintendo 64 and Sega Saturn altogether murdered the arcades across the Globe, because the arcade experience was finally home.

The best arcade title in my humble opinion is Alien vs. Predator by Capcom because I loved this game the most. What was your favourite game?

Re: Is Mahjong a game of luck or skill?

Arcade games, in my opinion, are great because they allow me to relax and have fun at any time. However, for them to be truly good, it is important that the gameplay be exciting and varied. I recently discovered an exciting fun new online game Not only does this game give me the opportunity to test my tactical skills by assembling a team of characters, but it also makes me really enjoy the process. Graphics and sound create an atmosphere full of humor and fun.