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RE: Alan at Art Nude UK.

Hi All.

I Thank you all especially Sharon & Kenneth for their involvement.
Some of you may of noticed the website was down = off line !
This is a result of loosing my partner and wife in life!
And not taking care of this special closed shop modelling site.

It is back on line again and buzzing onward as ever.
I have to deal with a very important day on Monday which will be gripping!
Please allow me time and for the dust to settle in my life.
Then I will be back and looking for new correspondents and programmers
also database engineers to take part in the next chapter of Art Nude UK.

This is not facebook or any other giant. This is Your private life model site.

Bidding You a good night. And speak to you again soon.
Regards Alan at Art Nude UK x

RE: Alan at Art Nude UK.

Hi Alan - You should have my recent contribution to my NW newsletter "in the bag."

Cheers Ken

RE: Alan at Art Nude UK.

Hello Al my Pal,
Thank you for this wonderful website for us life models, and letting me write a seasonal newsletter, It is much appreciated i love writing anyway.
You Know we are here for you if you need a chat okay Alan.
Best Wishes,
Sharon Xx

RE: Alan at Art Nude UK.

Hehe, naked arts is so entertaining. Approach to go man.