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Looking for advice as a newcomer

I am looking for advice as a newcomer as to where to start as a life model ...... I am a young at heart 58yr old female and very comfortable in my own skin .... I would class myself as having a Rubenesque figure ... I live in the Gloucestershire area but can travel.

Re: Looking for advice as a newcomer

Hello Newcomer,
Well go and find your local art venues, colleges, adult education etc, practise poses, tell anyone who employs you it is your first time, I am 58 years old professional large female model with 20 years experience. Always be polite to artist for their work, take gown water slippers with you, just enjoy the experience of life modelling,
Good luck ! Sharon Smithers

Re: Looking for advice as a newcomer

Hi Julia.

You will find local options. Find local art collages. Adult education centers, also ask at galleries. You will find you are much in need. Regards Al at Art Nude UK

Re: Looking for advice as a newcomer

Life models are demonstrating includes posturing for a workmanship class and its understudies or for a solitary craftsman keen on painting or drawing the human structure. A live model is a priceless asset for a craftsman figuring out how to make representations.