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Hangleton Lane studio - virtual reality backdrop system

Hangleton Lane Studio in West Sussex is now home to the world's most advanced digital virtual background system, and the only one of its kind in Western Europe.

For those of you that attend events like weddings, proms and coming-of-age parties, you will probably have seen photo booths (which use green screen) and "magic mirror" systems. Both have their drawbacks. Any green screen system limits what the subject can wear and you get "fringing" where the colour of the original background shows through the live subject's hair. Just check out Carol Kirkwood on the BBC weather forecasts to see what I mean. Magic mirrors have very limited background options, usually no more than two at any one event.

Those two problems are totally eradicated by the system I use use. See for an example.

Basically I can place a subject in virtually any environment, and I have over 2000 backgrounds which can be switched in seconds. One moment you can be in the Hall of Mirrors in Versailles, and the next in front of a performance sports car in Las Vegas, or on Route 66 or in the middle of the Namibian desert.

But I need people please who'd like to add something to their portfolios that is VERY different, dressed or art nude, on a collaboration basis. As July and August are my quietest months it makes sense to ask if there's anyone out there who'd like to take up that opportunity now.

No fees are payable but you will get a selection of images for your portfolio.

I can offer over 260 references from people with whom I have worked, or who have worked at my studio on Purpleport alone, and well over 500 in total from clients and colleagues worldwide with whom or for whom I have worked.

But do try to challenge me to come up with the impossible please. You don't know if I can till you ask.

Thanks in advance