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These fictional people have been through the chopper of real life--loves, careers, rivalries, divorces, births and deaths. See how you relate. Cast your vote, and learn more about yourself.

Which character is most like the real you inside?
Squint, who wants to do it all, takes on too much, then wants to grab "a fast boat to Sydney".
Reuben, who wants everything done right, and hesitates starting, because of the strain.
Valerie, who feels if you want something strong enough, it's compelled to happen.
Kelly Jean, who's all for equality, while using every female means to get there.
Delane, who gives every effort to fix bad situations, winding up being blamed as the cause.
Tristan, who runs on creative and emotional juice, neglecting practical matters.
Flynn, who uses humor as an escape for anything that threatens to make life too serious.
Robin, who'll work hard at something challenging, but gives little effort to routine tasks.
Jay, who loves giving advice, whether it's wanted or not.
Heather, who feels appearance is crucial to handling life best.

Someone insults you or your family. Which reaction fits you?
Squint--a loud comeback with balled up fist.
Reuben--a scathing look and immediate departure.
Valerie--a verbal barrage of counterattack.
Kelly Jean--rage expressed by denial of the offender's sanity.
Delane--shock and frozen disbelief, unable to speak.
Tristan--reflex action of punch in the nose.
Flynn--a shake of the head to dismiss the stupid occurance.
Robin--a verbal razor to their weakest area.
Jay--a lawyer-like dissection of what was said.
Heather--a dignified huff and swift exit.

Which behaviors are most similiar to yours?
Squint--over-eating,drinking, spending impulsively
Valerie--over-shopping, especially for clothes, beauty products
Reuben--gettiing depressed over health problems, and shutting down emotionally.
Delane--false guilt for things beyond her control.
Tristan--drinking and drugging when stress builds up too long.
Flynn--showing off too recklessly at times, as if he were accident-proof.
Robin--marathons of staying up late, having food binges, leaving a mess.
Jay--over-talking, causing nit-picky arguments
Heather--falling into a snit when her plans are hindered.
Kelly Jean--whining and wheedling to get her way.

Aside from sickness or death, which fears match yours?
Squint--feeling smothered or insignificant.
Reuben--any failing made public.
Valerie--fear of loneliness.
Kelly Jean--fear of growing old.
Delane--fear of hell or purgatory.
Tristan--fear of changes.
Flynn--fear of boredom.
Robin--fear of cramped spaces.
Jay--fear of losing.
Heather--fear of financial crash.

You or your best work got rejected. Which consolation fits yours?
Squint--whip out the Jack Daniels.
Reuben--dive into an absorbing book.
Valerie--whip out the charge card.
Kelly Jean--sulk and cry till its out of your system.
Delane--pray to St. Jude.
Tristan--try to hold in the rage, while rattling dishes in the sink, clenching the car wheel.
Flynn--rush immediately to a silly movie.
Robin--find a deserted highway and drive over 95.
Jay--write a letter to the source, detailing every flaw in their action.
Heather--throw a big, fancy party.

Which celebrity choices might you identify with?
Squint--Errol Flynn, Waylon Jennings
Reuben--Robert Redford, The Beach Boys
Valerie--Jackie Kennedy, Cybil Shepherd
Kelly Jean--Rita Hayworth, Ann-Margret
Delane--Audrey Hepburn, Deborah Kerr
Tristan--Barry Watson,Chris Whitley
Flynn--Roger Miller,Jim Carey
Jay--Mel Gibson, Tom Hanks
Heather--Princess Diana,Grace Kelly
Robin--Lucy Lawless, Cate Blanchett

Which recurring problem fits yours?
Squint--marital instabilities, over-indulgences daily.
Reuben--being easily offended and defensive.
Valerie--setting too high expectations, getting disappointed.
Kelly Jean--weight gain, water retention, craving for sweets
Delane--compulsion to over-achieve, please everyone
Tristan--grief issues, unpredictable moods
Flynn--starting projects with a bang, suddenly losing interest
Robin--chafing at the confinements of being a mother
Jay--struggle to keeep his law career from swamping his home life.
Heather--stress over increasing inlaw frictions

Which way do you relate to others?
Squint--has a natural gift of gab to shine in groups.
Reuben--prefers one-on-one conversations.
Valerie--enjoys the group gossip factor.
Kelly Jean--unless she's the focus, is mostly quiet in groups.
Delane--tries to be useful, make people comfortable
Tristan--nervous about the changes people are going to foist on him.
Flynn--the class clown comes out, and he's "on".
Jay--if the group gets out of control, they've lost him.
Robin--loves partying with friends, a little cautious with strangers.
Heather--likes being party hostess, seeing that no one wanders ignored.

Which favorite Bible character fits yours?
Squint: King Solomon
Reuben: King David
Valerie: Queen Esther
Flynn: Joshua
Robin: Deborah
Jay: Moses
Heather: Ruth
Tristan: St. John
Delane: Virgin Mary
Kelly Jean: Mary Magdalene

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