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I saw it and im here to prove it.

just the other day like no other it was dark and me and my gf was just finishing are date we had. she drove me back home in her car it was dark and i hate to belive in some wierd things but i live in a small town known as Tulsa,Ok and i really dont belive in such weird things but anyways she dropped me off and as i was walking to get out of the car i looked up and saw the clouds were moving weird and saw a beatiful set of wings i have ever seen the thing was almost the size of, well i could not explain the thing but it hovered over me and flew away!
i cant explain in detail but for some awkward reason it was browinsh black and it was HUGE.i recently told my gf "did you just see that".im not sure but the thing was so close i wish it could of spoke or something like make a "HAWKING sound".to bad no one belive me and maybe i was going crazy that day but it looked like a ******* so called dragon but when i saw this sights and read on alot of things about this flying bird like dinosaur it led me here yes i saw it and i can care less if ppl dont belive me i saw something wonderful and i have to say it was the most beautiful flying creature i have ever seen i wish i could see it again and make it my little pet so i could show everyone that this world is strange in its weird way.=(

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