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Strange flying creature

Approximately two years ago while we (wife and another couple) were in Big Bend my friend kept telling me that the moon was bright enough to drive with my lights off. After two night of hearing this and while driving back from Big Bend to Marathon on a empty highway I decided to quickly give it a try (just to pacify my friend). So I quickly turned off the lights and just a quickly turned them back on.......when I did we all saw a creature that look like a huge bird but did not have feathers and had a strange head and beak. My friend and I saw the entire creature and our wives who were in the back seat only saw the body as it flew over the vehicle. If I hadn't seen the creature I wouldn't have until I read some of the other articles on the web pertaining to strange flying creatures. Well thats it ...whether anyone believe us or not...doesn't really matter to any of us....because we know what we saw.

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Re: Strange flying creature

You're certainly not alone.

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Re: Strange flying creature

I am a recently retired police captain and am not given to the fanciful. Now I will relate a true and recent event for whatever it is worth to the reader. Five years ago we vacationed in Akumal, Mexico for approx. the 15th time.The hotel is in the Oasis chain and was then called Oasis Akumal, about an hour and a half south of Cancun. I went alone to the south end of the beach where a row of about 4-5 feet high hedges were directly before the beach. The beach was deserted and as I approached I observed what a thought was a large stork type bird standing on a flat piece of dead coral about 12 feet from me. As I took a step closer to peer between the hedges this "bird" slowly turned its elongated head and beak in a very slow and deliberate manner and I felt as if I was being sized up". With help we later guesstimated it was at least 6 ft tall and when it took off its wings were at least 15 or so feet. I got out my camcorder but it totally fogged up due to coming from an air-conditioned room. So I have no proof but my veracity. Some locals also claim to have seen similar and called it a"baby snatcher". There is a little more to this story if anyone cares? Bob T.

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