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Rampant on

sorry for posting a message on here again(bloody email won't work stil...) but... man did you go wild on, really snappy at everyone i just have one question about that: what on earth happened to make you go from mild mannered to rampant like that? no i'm not being mean and this is the right guy, not a hacker posting this i'm just curious because usually if someone says something like that you just look the other way and carry onwith whatever it was you were doing.

Re: Rampant on

back to normal on i see... haven't read the new blog but i'll tell ya here what i thought of it(now my cruddy account's got hacked-again, but this time the changed my password :(

Re: Rampant on

Read the blog, very interesting, and your lucky you get to go on the expedition

Re: Rampant on

For such a young man as DinoPhil, he does a remarkable job. IMO, Darwin was only about half right (or one-third right)--OK for micro-evolution, but there is nothing in the fossil record to support macro-evolution. In any case, all creatures great and small, the Lord God made them all, so I don't see why anybody has a problem with either belief.

No debates from me! Keep up the good work, Phil. I truly enjoyed Ken Gerhard's article about the pterosaurs. Even pteranodons have been seen in Texas around Austin, where I live now. Hope I see one someday too.

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