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Where's the faith?

It seems that the primary rule for the creationists responsible for this forum is -

"Don't get sucked into a debate that you can't win."

Anytime someone challenges the creationist theories, the first comeback is

"Back up your argument! Show me proof."

When the requested evidence is provided, the debate invariably winds to an end. What's really funny is that when someone asks for proof that the bible is literally true, the final defense is invariably

"Man, it's not about proof, it's about faith."

But your faith is placed in accounts written by men. That you refuse to question it is not a virtue. Muslims refuse to question their faith; why is the Koran less true than the Bible?

Anyone can get barraged with doctrine at birth, and told that their only chance for salvation lies in remaining faithful to that doctrine. They will tell you that it takes strength to ignore the heathens and the worldly.

In truth, it takes strength to overcome the conditioning that results from such oppressive environments. It takes courage and insight to risk the disappointment, the ridicule - even the condemnation of your friends and family. To go with the flow, to swallow everything that you're told in His name, to enjoy the fellowship of the "chosen" who love you, and are loved by you - that's the far easier path.

Lest you misunderstand, I too am what could be called a creationist. I see the perfect cycles of intelligent design all around me, and feel that I'm possessed of a spirit that's a part of something larger than myself.
I'm simply not arrogant enough to proclaim that I have the monopoly on truth, and am unwilling to accept 2000 year old mythologies that contradict themselves at every turn.

I pity those who have yet to attain the courage and the self-respect to rise above what are ultimately self-imposed restraints. To cast aside tenants that promote war, bigotry and ignorance.

So here's what I can offer; the truest words printed in your heavily edited and sterilized scriptures are these;

"God is love."

It's a simple statement with immensely profound meaning. To meditate on that, to examine the meanings of each word in context with the other, might just lead you to cast aside the useless dogma that perverts your religion.

Good luck, I truly wish you every grace. For though I won't proclaim it as absolute truth, I have this notion that those who retard their spirituality with religion are doomed to repeat their mortal travels until such time as they're beautiful enough to become one with that which cannot be explained.

Crazy, I know, I mean - where in creation is that cycle evident? Why would anyone learn directly from creation, from the unfiltered works of the creator, rather than old men who crave authority or demand respect? Which is more capable of misleading?

I certainly don't expect a reply (at least a cognizant one) from those of you feel you have too much invested in naive tradition. But I've been surprised before, and hope springs eternal. I do think this entire forum is a revealing tale to any seekers who might stumble across it. What does it say when queries are eventually ignored for lack of relevant and substantial responses?

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Re: Where's the faith?

being a christian as i am i dont not believe evolution, but i do agree with the whole argument comebacks people might use. If someone asks you about proof for evolution and they are religious they should not be asking, it is in fact all about the faith because if you really believe in something proof should not matter.

Secondly, i think how the bible differs from the koran because even though the bible was written by men, my faith and i believe that god "inspired" or "guided" his writers into what he really wanted to be written.