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Biblical Cryptozoology :Revealed Cryptids of the Bible

We all know that most cryptozoology books (few exceptions such as DINOSAURS DEAD OR ALIVE? and CLAWS,JAWS, & DINOSAURS use the Creation view) use the theory of evolution in their books. The book That I have written (I give God the glory for the opportunity)gives cryptozoology a biblical perspective to this interesting and intriguing subject. First of all, the book (like the other two books mentioned above)magnifies the Lord as both Creator and Saviour. Amen !!! The book uses Scriptures (KJV) as references to creatures(cryptids) found in cryptozoology. The biblical words for these creatures is "behemoth", "leviathan", "unicorn","satyr", "fiery flying serpent","dragon", and many more creatures revealed in the Bible. Lord willing please check these books out on : DINOSAURS DEAD OR ALIVE? by Phillip O'Donnell, CLAWS, JAWS, & DINOSAURS by William J. Gibbons and Dr. Kent Hovind, and Biblical Cryptozoology Revealed Cryptids of The Bible by Dale Stuckwish

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