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CHAMP : Local legend or real creature?

CHAMP is the name given to a reported lake monster living in Lake Champlain. The creature's existence has never been authoritatively documented. While most authorities regard Champ as legend, some believe it is possible such a giant creature does live deep in the lake. The state government of Vermont has put Champ on its Endangered Species List, so that if such an animal does exist, it would be protected by law.
Champ is highly revered by many in the area and has become a revenue-generating attraction. For example, the village of Port Henry, New York has erected a giant model of Champ and holds Champ Day in August.
But the best known evidence of Champ is a photograph taking of it in 1977 by Sandra Mansi.
Many authorities believe Champ may be a PLESIOSAUR (extinct marine reptile),or a ZEUGLODON (extinct primitive whale) or a TANYSTROPHEUS (extinct marine reptile).
I believe it is a creature that Job seen called BEHEMOTH (Job 40:15-24) or LEVIATHAN (Job 41:1-34).
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