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'Roots of Two Gallants' (Spotify Playlist)

Just decided to Spotify for the first time in ages and found a playlist I'd started putting together of the Roots of Two Gallants.

Thought I'd share it

Feel free to add anything you think is suitable, sure there's quite a bit that's missing.

Re: 'Roots of Two Gallants' (Spotify Playlist)

i don't have any idea what spotify is, and firefox won't let me open it. any tips you can give? or do you have a hardcopy of the list you can send me?

Re: 'Roots of Two Gallants' (Spotify Playlist)

I'd be curious to see the list too. Spotify is not available to those in the U.S., so we have no way to access this. I assume it is just songs they have covered? Skip James, Leadbelly, Hank Williams?

Re: 'Roots of Two Gallants' (Spotify Playlist)

Spotify is a music steaming serivce.

Tracks are (versions of) songs 2gs have covered or reworked/drawn large inspiration from.

Elizabeth Cotton - Freight Train
Leadbelly - Where did you sleep last night?
Skip James - Crow James
Robert Johnson - Steady Rolling Man
Charlie "Big Charlie" Butler - Diamond Joe
Mississippi John Hurt - Stack O'Lee
Pete Seeger - Liza Jane
Mother's Blues (Little Children Blues) - Lead Belly with Josh White
Hank Williams - Setting the Woods on Fire
Dying Crap Shooter Blues - Blind Willie McTell
Cocaine Blues - Rev. Gary Davis
Mississippi John Hurt - Candy Man

At least that the list so far. I know there are some missing 3 spring to mind but they're not in the Spotify libary.