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disaster at the Houston show

Oh my god, what just happened? Why did that happen? Did Adam get arrested?

For those of you who weren't there, in the middle of their fourth song, a Houston PD officer came up on stage and started shining his flashlight in Adam's face. After a little bit he stopped playing and they looked like they were arguing and then suddenly they were fighting and on the ground and people were swarming. The officer didn't handcuff him but a lot of people were arguing with the cop and pushing him around almost and then the manager or someone started screaming for everyone to get out and to leave the property. Within minutes there were at least six police cars outside.

What is going on??

Re: disaster at the Houston show

That was fucking LAME!

The cop had a fucking bad attitude from the get go. I saw him walking through people right next to me, nudging everyone out of the way. He would even pause to stare people down that he was walking past like he was looking for a fight. He was mean mugging everyone before he even got on stage. He must have found out his wife was being fucked by his brother and his dad. He had that serious of an attitude. Walked up on stage waving the flash light in Adams face. Adam stopped singing but was still picking the guitar and talking to the cop. I guess he wanted Adam to stop playing the guitar and then the cop just grabbed the guitar from Adam and pulled him down. Adam DID NOT make the first move. Then all hell broke loose. Tyson tried to get the cop to calm down and the cop pulled him down, too. He was now sitting on top of both of them like a dog pile. Then some people from the crowd got involved. Tried touching the cop and then the cop started chasing down everyone with a taser. He was shooting people from the crowd with the taser. That shit sucked! They played for maybe 30 minutes. Adam was running around the bar trying not to get tased. Then it moved to the parking lot. After the comotion, Tyson, some friends, fans, and I think members from the opening acts were cuffed. That cop had a serious problem.

About 10 cop cars showed up. Adam took off and they had a helicopter out looking for his ass. Lame.

Someone mentioned something about the cop saying we were being "too loud"? Fucking A, it's a music venue. I even talked to the guy living next door and he said it was bullshit. He lives right next door and doesnt' hear shit.

Re: disaster at the Houston show

Oh yeah. through out the whole thing the cop was yelling at everyone to stop taking pictures of him(laugh my fucking ass off) GOTCHA, BITCH! say cheese

Re: disaster at the Houston show

So then did you mean Adam got away? And what about Tyson? And why would the musicians be hassled for volume anyway, even if it were a problem? Weird.

Re: disaster at the Houston show

Adam disappeared. In the parking lot the cop was crying, "I want the lead singer of the band. I want him right now. He resisted me."

I guess he was a foot b/c they had an HPD chopper out w/ a spotlight looking for his ass.

Re: disaster at the Houston show

And on the noise issue, that's just what someone mentioned. I don't know if that's the real reason the cop showed up.

sorry if I'm post whoring

Re: disaster at the Houston show

if there were a bigger issue wouldn't they have sent more than one cop? i think he just has a complex, a super cop complex. to complain about the silly bastard call: 713-308-8900 badge number 7854

Re: disaster at the Houston show

It ain't life if it ain't free-
A slice of American "justice" was unfairly handed down tonight at Walters on Washington during what was lining up to be an amazing show. The first two bands rocked, to get that out of the way (mad love to Longhorne Slim and Trainwreck Riders). So with the crowd warmed up and the musicans in full spirit, Two Gallants set the stage and eloquently carried us through a few great tunes, we were wittness to the beauty and depth their songs are truly about. When Adam sings "Hell might take but heaven gives" you know he belives it. As the band started playing their fourth song we saw a cop appear on the left side of the stage yelling at Adam to stop playing and as soon as he did the cop threw him to the ground. As Tysone jumped up to help his traveling and musical partner he was also forcefully thrown to the ground. At this point the crowd respectfully and graceously got involved. As Adam ran to the right of the stage the big mexican meathead who was supposed to be keeping us safe started running over and destroying all of the bands equiptment(including Adams vintage sunn speakers and a beautiful vintage stand up bass played by the bass player of Longhorn Slim). At this point obsinities were being screamed by everyone and Mister BRUTALITY busted out the tazer, tazing everyone in his short armed range(including from what I could tell a very young teenage boy). Adam made his way out the door, with everyone following to block the way of that asshole of a cop (I belive he was able to escape). When we got outside about 10 other cops arrived and began arresting people for asking questions like "what is this about?" or "can you do that?", I even saw a young girl get thrown into a car for saying something and walking away. Now I just moved to this town and this was my first experience with any sort of H.P.D. but if this is what they do for fun on a friday night I don't feel safe at all. So if everyone who was there will file a complaint on the arresting officer maybe something will be done about it. I want to see that pic of that asshole smiling on the front fucking page of the morning news, I want testemony from everyone at the show and I want that fucker's badge taken away. but more than anything I want to see a Two Gallants show in it's entirety. I really don't blame them if they never come back to houston, but austin is still cool right?

now this is bad

I feel like someone should do something. But since I feel that all the time it's no big deal I guess.

Re: disaster at the Houston show

I'm just speechless.
What the hell is going on?

First hand accounts

For anyone not in Houston that wants an idea of what happened go to and read the message board. I and many others that were at the show have posted our accounts of what happened. It was not good.

Re: disaster at the Houston show

Yeah, that cop was a fucking douche. Once he popped in, chaos began. But before that everything was great. Like he wasn't there for long and before you know it he had thrown Adam to the ground and everybody was shouting. People were getting arrested left and right after that.

I drove three fucking hours from Louisiana to see this band and this cop decides to fuck everything up.

Re: disaster at the Houston show

Wow, I hope everything turns out ok for the band and the cop gets what's comming to him.

Myspace Page with a Video on it

Re: disaster at the Houston show

WTF! Thank God I dont live in Houstin...I would be sitting in jail right now. But, fuck...this pisses me off. Not that it matters that much, but I can assume some shows may get cancled. This is absured! Some lady on their myspace said both her son and husband got tasered. Fuck that. Hope Adam is somewhere safe.

Re: disaster at the Houston show

I was at the Two Gallants show Friday night at Walter's and I am outraged. I was on the phone just a little while ago with the editor at Free Press Houston. I am going to work with them to try and devote the next issue of Free Press Houston to this very incident. I have setup an email address to collect information about what went down. If you were there and have any kind of eyewitness account to give please write to,. Every story is important, especially if we have a lot of them and they all match up. Please put all of your contact information in your messages so that we can get back to you on the phone about your story. Also send pictures and video. ABC news has already posted a report on their website making the band and the crowd look bad. We have to let the truth about what happened be known. Lets do something about this together!

-Reggie O'Farrell

P.S. Please get on your phones and call every news outlet and radio station that you can think of. Call HPD and file a complaint about what happened!

Re: disaster at the Houston show

Can you post a link to the ABC news article?

Re: disaster at the Houston show

so what the hell happened to tyson and adam?
holy crap this is some rediculous bullshit!!

probable cause to arrest them? or anyone for that matter?

damn it! i'm pissed!

abc news link

Click Here to see the ABC news report

Re: disaster at the Houston show

adam was ok as of last night. some friend of mine who left the show on bikes found him walking around the neighborhood. they then took him over to their house where he hung out until about 2. at that point he got ahold of his manager who had gotten a hotel room. my friends then took him over to the hotel and that was the last they saw of him. i assume they spent the rest of the night on the phone trying to get tyson out of jail...

Re: disaster at the Houston show

is anyone down to go to Austin to make up for the show that was fucked in Houston? that's if the show in Austin is still a go.

Re: disaster at the Houston show

tyson was taken in last night. we almost have him out. then we will be able to make sense of what happened. thanks everyone for your support.

Myspace Video

There is a myspace address that has a video of HPD officer Gabriel Rodriguez walking aroud the venue trying to taser people.
Go to

Re: disaster at the Houston show

i was at the show too
i've been sending e-mails to every news station i can think of. that cop was a total douche. i actually drove around for a while afterwards to see if i could find adam, but i'm glad he's somewhere safe. now, if only i could drive to austin tonight to finish what was started last night...

Re: disaster at the Houston show

another update:

ok so i talked to my friend greg finally. he got out of jail at about 5.30 this evening. he was one of the lucky ones since some of the other dudes were getting transferred over to county and would probably be there for another 10 to 12 hours... he was charged with interferring with an officer. however as you can see from this clip, it appears there was no interference. the beginning is kinda shaky but you can see the cop take adam down. this clip is right after the cop got on stage. you can also see where things could've calmed down. but then the cop slaps the camera out of greg's hand. there will be other clips from greg soon. he picked the camera back up and the recorded as the cop pushed him around the bar and into the instruments in thc order. anyway, i think i speaks for itself...

Re: disaster at the Houston show

Re: disaster at the Houston show

the previous video ends with the cop knocking the camera out of this guys hands. this video begins after he has picked the camera up and turned it back on. the cop is now pushing the dude all around the club eventually pushing him into langhorne slim's equipment where he breaks the stand up base...

Re: disaster at the Houston show

this video takes up right where the video before ends. you see the cop walking out of the corner where he just pushed greg down. then he goes after adam who runs around the bar, jumps back over the front and is gone out the door...

Re: disaster at the Houston show

Oh my god. That's crazy!
Absolutely no need to mess with our gallants.
Hope everything works out...


Re: disaster at the Houston show

i posted my account along with all the videos and all the pics i could find. nothing new if you have been reading this thread but an easy way to get caught up...

More Stories Please

I've collected about 6 eyewitness accounts so far at the address that I posted above. Please keep them coming. I'm meeting with someone from Free Press Houston tomorrow afternoon to show them what I've collected so far and talk about what we can do to organize our efforts. We have to let the city of Houston know that this kind of disrespect will not be tolerated or overlooked. Keep sending your stories to

Re: disaster at the Houston show

anyone know if tyson is out yet? god damn it!!

Re: disaster at the Houston show

I am assuming since the other thread says that they would make the 10/14 Austin show that Tyson did get out already

Re: disaster at the Houston show

WTF? This is outrageous. Anyword from the PD as to what the cop was doing there? Seriously, was he on PCP or something? - He was clearly just looking to hurt people. I hope everyone's okay.


Hi, I
started up the myspace hpd has problems in houston and if adam or tyson would like to e-mail me and get in touch with whats going on, I would love to help.

thanks adam, for the shirt!
and tyson for playing more than 3 songs in austin.

Re: disaster at the Houston show

I spent a night in jail for saying "fuck you" to a cop after seeing him arrest some random guy at the show in Houston.
they didn't even read me my rights.
I am trying to get something done about it.

I wrote about it here:

Re: disaster at the Houston show

I saw the show in Austin; I thought it was pretty great, however....was that a taser burn on Adam's elbow?

Re: disaster at the Houston show

they dont need to read you your rights.... that is just on TV.

Re: disaster at the Houston show

.... and now the gallants will blow up even faster than they have been. methinks this incident will propel these chaps into the eye of mainstream music listeners. . thank you cops.

Re: disaster at the Houston show

I've made a blog about the situation at

I'm going to try to keep it updated as much as possible and try to keep as much information on there.

Re: disaster at the Houston show

@ kyle,
yes they do have to read you your rights. it the law.
Miranda vs. Arizona 1966 dude.

so, take that to court and let the cop choke on it!

Re: disaster at the Houston show

Hang in there guys! No matter how it went down there is never a need for that type of violence!

The Decemberists

Re: disaster at the Houston show

Shit! just saw waht happend at that show! thats terrible! I've only just heard what happened so i'm shocked...hope Adam and Tyson r alright and that everyone who was there r alright...
fucking cop! that was well out of order!
Hope everything gets bck 2 normal soon and that everyone is alight. from ur Lincolnshire fanbase, England. Matt.

Re: disaster at the Houston show

I was interviewed along with another person from the crowd by Fox 26 yesterday. They had the story on the news last night and it should be up on the Fox Houston website later today. I also got news that ABC 13 is interviewing people for a story to be on the news this evening. Call HPD Internal Affairs (713) 308-0040 to complain about this cop if you were there. I think you have to go down to their office to make a formal complaint, but it will be well worth it.

Re: disaster at the Houston show

They only have to read you your rights if you commit a felony. Since yelling 'f-you' is at best a misdemeanor, there was no need to read them.

Houston City Council Meeting

Tomorrow is open session at Houston City Council. Anyone can go and address any issue in front of the council. You have to call TODAY and sign up. The number is 713-247-1840. I am going to speak as well as a few other people. I am going to write a letter for everyone that shows up to sign as well. If you don't want to speak you can still come and sign the letter. If you would like to sign the letter be at 901 Bagby at 1:30pm. The session starts at 2pm.


Re: disaster at the Houston show

The Houston Chronicle has a couple of music bloggers who posted regarding the Walter's show. It might be a wise idea to get the Chronicle engaged on this by posting there as well. If the media sees that this incident is generating interest, they will stay on top of it, which increases the likelihood that there will be a thorough investigation (because this is Texas, it likely won't have the outcome we'd all hope for, but at least a more in depth record is likely to result). The blog can be accessed here:

Keep in mind that it is a moderated site, and if your post is too hyperbolic, you won't make the cut. Be measured and thoughtful in your responses for optimal results.

Re: disaster at the Houston show

Wow! I don't live in Houstin but I live in Albuqerque, New Mexico and that stuff happens all the time. I think it's appalling that those who are suppost to protect us are the ones doing the harm. For everyone that was there I say keep fighting! Keep pushing! Don't let this event drop off the radar of peoples minds! Do what you can to get this cop punished and the other cops that were there! Holding someone for saying "fuck you" is not a crime I'm pretty sure that we do still have this thing called the Bill Of Rights! If there's anyway I can do anything from here to help let me know! Write me on myspace at I'm tired of cops getting a power trip because they have a badge! They are there to protect us!! I have had things like this happen to too many friends and this situation just show how bad the system can get! Another suggestion that I didn't see anyone make but someone might be doing this already is contact the ACLU I'm sure there are some civile liberties that were broken! DON'T LET THIS REST UNTIL SOMETHING IS DONE!!!


The myspace page HPD has problems has come up missing! We are not really sure what happened yet, but the page is gone and we can't log into the account. We're not making any assumptions, but as soon as we have more info it will be posted here.

Re: disaster at the Houston show

Call the ACLU. They will help.

Re: disaster at the Houston show

Calls for letter writing are rarely heard, here's an easy way to get the HPD to see that people want to know what happened. Remember, the person getting your request is not the person you're angry at. As many requests for information for this incident will show that people aren't interested in letting it slide. Investigate for yourself. The following is in the format that the HPD ask for. Feel free to add what information you have.

Email to:

Subject: Information requests


1. 4200 block of Washington Avenue.
2. October 12, 2006 to October 15, 2006


1. The HPD offense or incident report number:


2. The Harris County criminal case number:


3. The names of the complainants, suspects, witnesses/and or reportees, with identifiers such as race, sex, dates of birth, drivers’ license numbers, social security numbers, HPD numbers and/or SPN numbers.:

Adam Stephens, Tyson Vogel, others

4. The type of offense

Noise complaint

5. The exact address of the offense

Walter's on Washington, 4215 Washington Avenue Houston, TX

6. The date of the offense

October 13, 2006

7. The names of the investigating officers and employee numbers

G. Rodriguez, possible number 7584

Thank you in advance,

Your Name Goes Here

Re: disaster at the Houston show

HPD has problems was shut down by myspace for reasons still unclear to us. so we made a new page, and will continue to do so.

all you need to do is add the 2 at the end of the previous link.

Thanks and we hope we still get a great response


Please tell me the Troubadour show is still on?

Re: disaster at the Houston show

I find it werid that pitchfork took the story off its main page after a few hours...and the myspace stuff getting shut down...

you can still read the pitchfork story here:

Re: disaster at the Houston show

NME website has picked up the news, this is the link.

Re: disaster at the Houston show

As long as anyone is placed in a position of power over others, abuses like this will continue to be the norm. The problem isn't "one bad cop," or even the police system in general - this is a result of hierarchy itself. Such violence is inherent to any hierarchical system, whether it's the police, racism, government, an abusive husband, or the bosses at our workplaces. As long as such positions of authority continue to exist, they will continue to be exploited, and real democracy and equality will remain no more than a mythology that these authorities assure us is true.

It's time that we stop tolerating the violence of a system that relies on the submission of a vast majority. It's time that we start building power WITH each other, not OVER each other. It's time to create communities that are self-sufficient and directly democratic. It's time for a revolution - not fought with the same violent tools of warfare that the state uses against us, but fought with ideas and a new way of life that can grow to replace this experimental stepping stone that we call our modern society.

Re: disaster at the Houston show

if anyone actually paid any attention to the story, the cop reported to a noise desturbance, they turned it down, but then, as he was leaving they turned it up again. The cop then walked to the stage, simply told them to stop playing. the guitarist said "why?" a cop doesnt need to go back over the entire reason with him, so he shined his flashlight and repeated himelf, the guitarist said "no" and threw in a few vulgar obsenieties. Failure to reply with an officers request is a crime. from there, the officer tried to arrest the man, and realizing once the mob broke out that he needed more help, he radioed in. no procedure broken or cop on the edge.

Re: disaster at the Houston show

this is madness cant believe this could happen to such a great band hope something gets done.

i have put links to everything on a uk forum not that it will do anything but i guess the more people that know the better

Re: disaster at the Houston show

Can't believe someone as good-natured as Tyson can end up in the clink, or that concert-goers can get tasered.

Couple of things from the Houston Chronicle article:

"McDuell said the officer's approach was commendable and that it was fortunate that he used a Taser instead of a weapon."

Oh so that's all right then. Hope you're all feeling grateful!

"An officer gets attacked by dozens of people in a club who have been drinking," McDuell said.

Um - isn't that what you're supposed to do in a club? (drink, I mean!)

Best wishes from Scotland anyway,

Re: disaster at the Houston show

people....when commenting about houston on the internet using words like "fucking cops/pigs" etc. doesn't help out the situation. the racist comment about the cop in one of the responses above isn't cool either. we don't hate the police, they have a job to do, it was just that in this situation the job was handled poorly. i do believe that is why hpd_has_problems was pulled down. too much profanity (and hate).

Re: disaster at the Houston show

To kmgibbs: If you paid attention to the reports, then you'd know that the Officer told the board to turn the sound down. The Band has no control over that. So, then going up to tell the band to stop playing without giving them a reason is irresponsible at best. In fact, one has to wonder why he would go to the band at all, instead of simply going to to the sound board and instructing them to turn off the sound and bring up the lights. The officers conduct only contributed to the situation. There is nothing commendable in what he did.

Re: disaster at the Houston show

I wrote an email to the mayor of houston, here it is:

"I am not a citizen of your city. And with actions such as the ones I am about to describe, I'm not sure who would want to be. This is terrible press for your city, its police force, and the sheer brutality handed down by them on October 13, 2006. I understand that a 90 year old (extremely vintage and rare) stand-up bass, as well as a pair of expensive speakers were trashed at the hand of the overbearing police officer on scene. And this is just the material belongings; a much deeper hole was created in the public's vision of the police force that night, a hole that has caused quite a trickle effect of bad press. I will include three links to videos of the incident (taken from YouTube). The officer should have simply spoken with management if noise was the issue - not taken his fight to the stage in front of a young audience like that. He endagered himself, his coworkers and fellow reporting officers, the band members, the audience, and the unfortunate souls working the bar that night. I'm sure you've heard (or will) from the mother of a young (under 18) teenage boy in attendance with her that night. I think it is disgusting that a tool that has clearly been shown to bring death (the tazer) is being used on unsuspecting, undeserving citizens. That type of force evokes thoughts of police states that have ultimately crumbeled by violent and ugly means. As Mayor, I would think that you would like to see these types of personalities removed from your city's police force. We are supposed to be able to approach our police officers. They are here to "protect and serve" correct? Well, Houston was dealt a mighty blow to that sanctity of protection and being served. Please side with the public on this and see that measures are taken to prevent this even from reoccurring; who knows the damage you may cause in turning a blind eye. In my opinion, the results could have been far more disturbing, violent and fatality inducing than they were. And I think that reflects even more of what I'm saying - the crowd was there for a concert. They were not there to start trouble nor to disturb the peace of your city - that action was taken by the police officer that night, and I can not sit idly by and watch that type of abuse happen.

Sincerely and in concern,
name omitted
Chattanooga, TN

**links to the videos:
2. (this one shows the cop idiotically waving his taser around as he chases people)

Re: disaster at the Houston show

Im sorry to hear what happened. Its just a reflection of how all these cops across the country thing that they are above the law . There is a real problem with the police academies in this country that advocate the use of force as the first terms of deterrment when a situation arises. I guess its just a reflection of the times. Bomb first ask questions later. F%ck the Houston PD and F%ck all the Ohio PD's.Definitely call the ACLU. Peace.

Re: disaster at the Houston show

We only ever hear about the police when something doesn't go by the book...we don't really hear about the good things that cops do. Stop saying "f the police" and other ignorant comments.

Anyway, I'm really not sure why the cop would ever go up to the band...what could he have accomplished even if they did everything he wanted? Also, how could there be a noise complaint for a CONCERT?? I've never heard of this....

Re: disaster at the Houston show

The story will probably be brought up on the libertarian radio talk show Free Talk Live tonight, streaming live as I type this. You can listen to the stream at

If you miss the show you can download it on the left hand side of FTL's homepage.

Re: disaster at the Houston show

I just read the article from ABC news and it stated, "Authorities say the crowd joined in the argument, and the officer accidentally tasered some of them while trying to make an arrest."

All I want to know is how do you accidentally taser someone?? Sounds like an obvious attempt to coverup and slader the truth.

Re: disaster at the Houston show

For info on how to lodge a complaint against HPD:

Re: disaster at the Houston show

Amazing what a cop on steriods and amphetamines can and will do (look at the cops chest and neck). Citizens should petiton their city council that cops involved in violence be given manitory independent drug testing and post all the test resulsts in their community and on the Internet. If they need speed to go it's time to slow down!

Don't you know that speed kills ?!

Re: disaster at the Houston show

Is Adam getting into any trouble for fleeing the scene?

Re: disaster at the Houston show

Sorry to hear of your troubles, boys. I wish I had something more profound to offer, but what can really be said?
...And the pricks wonder why people hate and fear them, you know?
xo - TL

Re: disaster at the Houston show

keep the word out there...

Re: disaster at the Houston show

Meh. kmgibbs is probably an HPD troll.

On a brighter note, the Houston Chronicle online edition has the Walter's incident front and center today, with links to the videos and a focus on how it will have a negative impact on an already struggling local music scene.

It ain't going away, and that's a good thing.

Re: disaster at the Houston show

And at last, the Gallants speak! NME link...

Internal Affairs Division

I spoke at the city council meeting along with a few others yesterday. They are exremely concerned and there is now a very in-depth investigation going on. After I stepped out of the meeting I was met by an officer from the Internal Affairs Division. I went down to the station and gave my sworn testimony about what happened. The IAD officer assured me that since there has been such a big deal made about this they are moving on it as quickly as possible. What they need is for EVERY eyewitness that was there to come down and give their sworn testimony. The more they have the better. You can reach Sergeant Herndon at 713-308-8954. Everyone at Internal Affairs was very nice. I assure you that if you call Sergeant Herndon you will not be harrassed. Only call if you were actually there.

Sergeant Herndon
Internal Affairs Division

Re: disaster at the Houston show

If you were prestent at the show and want to give your sworn testimony about what happened you need to contact this guy...

Sergeant Herndon
HPD Internal Affairs Division
1200 Travis, 20th Floor
Houston, Tx 77002

This man will not give you any trouble. I gave my testimony yesterday and he was very professional. The more people they get to testify, the better the chances of the officer getting fired. They are doing a very in-depth investigation, especially after we went down to city hall and talked to the city council yesterday. Pass this information on to anyone you know that was there.

Re: disaster at the Houston show

Nothing I can really add that hasn't been said here already. But it smells like a pile of nutty shit. F'in cops. And sorry the Two Gs had to experience this.

Re: disaster at the Houston show

I just read your interview in the NME. Just got me fired up all over again! Can't say sorry enough. We all love you here in Houston and it's a goddamn tragedy that you had to experience this type of thing here at our Walter's. Although we would all understand if you never came back to Houston, I hope someday to see you both up there on that stage again...Much much love!

Re: disaster at the Houston show

Update on the FTL mention.

The nationally syndicated radio show Free Talk Live brought up the story last night towards the end of the show. If anyone wants to listen, go to, and on the left hand side, download the Tuesday 10/17/06 show. The story is brought up near the end, at 103 minutes. The entire last half hour or so is currupt cop stories, a popular topic on the show.

If anyone wants to call up and talk about and what happened, the format of FTL is anyone can call up and bring up whatever they want, there's no screening, everyone that calls gets put on - they'll be glad to have someone call up and talk about it. The show is live from 7-10pm ET, monday through saturday.

Re: disaster at the Houston show

This is yet another embarassing incident for HPD. This is the same HPD that arrested over 300 people for being in a K-mart parking lot. Some even had receipts from having just made purchases at the K-mart. Same HPD that routinely leads the nation in police shootings of citizens (its a good thing the cop did not start shooting people) Same HPD whose officers rape women in the back seat of their patrol car, deal drugs, and shake down bar owners for protection money. I watched the video and clearly say the cop strike the person holding the video camera, which was clearly unnecessary. Nothing HPD does will ever suprise me, except maybe if they did the right thing. I will eat my hat if this cop gets even a slap on the wrist.

Re: disaster at the Houston show

It seems like the guys should have gone along with the officers request, they breaking the law, but the officer went about the act entirely wrong. The correct approach was not to forcibly crash and smash the event, but rather to talk to someone in charge to have the event shut down. I do however think the actions of the police officer should be held accountable for the violence and "brawl" that took place. He clearly should have known that a room full of people would not understand him attacking people without any kind of announcement.

Re: disaster at the Houston show

well, i just called the police station and gave my report of what i saw. i did leave the venue before the tazing happened, so i don't know how much my report counted, but i had a good view of the officer taking adam down for no reason so hopefully that helped

Re: disaster at the Houston show

I noticed how cool Moses was, Moses the tour manager/sound guy. He was kind of a hero up there keeping Adam and the cop from each other. (I wasn't there and couldn't hear the audio very well on the vid, but it seemed that he was right in the path of danger and was so obviously seeking to end the trouble that he touched the cop without immediate retaliation.)
I loved it when Adam got up and approached the cop, chewing his gum in a menacing way... not that he was going to serve up anything but a choice word, but i think Moses prevented further harm.

It's frightening but true that this could have been much worse. It's wise to try to calm out-of-control people who have guns. I'm glad the cop wasn't pushed any further because we could've had worse than Taser burns and broken basses.

Now's the time to push him.

Re: disaster at the Houston show

ok so this is the first time i ever heard of u guys was cuz this fucking incident but i hope ur all doing strog and i hope that cops is put is his fucking place its cops like that, thats should be beat sensles just watching the video was breath taken well i wish u guys the best of luck and mabye u guys can do a show in buffalo and i can almost gurante that this wont happen in buf

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we actually need your help. tyson (plus Andrew and Sean of Trainwreck Riders) have had to get an attorney in light of the events in Houston last Friday at
Walter’s on Washington. If you were there and are available to tell what you saw happen in person,
please contact our attorney:

Tad Nelson
820 East Main
League City, Texas 77573


thank you.

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Why did he keep asking "why" when the cop asks him to stop? When was the last time you had AN ARGUMENT with a police officer?

Are you surprised he was arrested? He is an idiot.

You know better, I know better, your favorite bandmates should know better. Spoiled divas, that's all.

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you have a point about him asking why but read the interview...he explains why he asked why. it wasnt an argument. it all happened in less than 10 seconds and it appears to me that adam's human instincts made him ask why. it was bizarre that out of nowhere (adam said in an interview he did not see the officer come on stage because his back was turned) the officer showed up there on stage and was being so intimidating and threatening. what about walking up to the front and just waving his arms and using his presence being in uniform to tell him to stop. the fact that he just came in, did not talk to management and got in adams face like that is why adam asked why. and his instinct was right. look at how the officer reacted.

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Regardless of whether or not he should have asked 'why?', the appropriate response to that question is not extreme physical force. When someone is pulled over by a police officer in his vehicle, typically the first thing out of a person's mouth is 'what did i do wrong officer?' or 'what's the trouble?' The policeman can choose not to answer, he can choose to tell you that he isnt going to tell you, he can do any number of things of that nature. He doesnt, or at least shouldnt, smack you or throw you on the ground in response. They usually get in trouble for that. Same deal here. Adam complied with the officer's request to stop playing, as far as I know, but he asked for an explaination. That's not really a reason to get physical, now is it?

I'm really sorry this happened to you two. You don't need that kind of negative energy. But I'm glad you guys are keeping strong about it and fighting back the best way possible.

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The officer did go to management first, but as he was leaving, the volume increased again.

When he approached adam and told him to stop, adam refused, and asked "why" several times.

this is worse than stupid.

don't give attitude, or refuse to cooperate, with cops, or with customs officials at airports (who else can I include?), because they will bust your butt, and put you in lockdown.

this is common sense, and common knowledge.

If adam had shown common sense, he would have found out what the problem was, then continued the set, and made peace, like a good vegan, with the police (peace) officer. The audience would have enjoyed their evening after a delay, and everyone would have gone home without a criminal record.

don't try to act righteous when you've screwed up.

He chose instead to be belligerent (origin bellicos, or war) and refuse to cooperate. This isn't very peaceful.

Shame, shame, shame.

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Scooboroo...the promoter of the show (different than the club owner) sent a note out to all the booking agents in the country who route shows through houston. you are entitled to your opinion but here are some facts for you since you seem very passionate about this.

"By now I'm sure you've heard about the events that occurred in Houston last weekend. If not, here's a recount of what happened.

On Friday night I hosted a Two Gallants show at Walter's On Washington. 4 songs into their set a single police officer arrived at the club with a report of a noise complaint. The officer entered the club, made his way to the stage and approached the band to stop playing. The band seemed confused as to why and tried to get some sort of reason out of the officer. Before they could, the officer was grabbing Adam of Two Gallants' guitar. Adam jumped back with
guitar strapped to him (a move the officer seemingly saw as offensive) and attempted to subdue the members of the band. At this point the crowd, staff,
bands... everyone freaks out. Unfortunately, Officer Gabriel Rodriguez seems to have been the most frightened of anyone in the club. He pulled out a taser gun and began shocking people in his way. He attacked a photographer, a 14 year old boy, a college student writing a school paper, other showgoers, and
ultimately the band. Once police investigators arrived to take statements, it was clear to those in
charge that the officer handled this situation terribly. His official report is that he asked that the sound be turned down and as he was leaving the sound was brought back up, at which point he re-entered the club... an absolutely false claim. The truth is the officer entered the club ONCE, never went to the sound board, opting to go straight to the stage. Walter's gets noise complaints once every few weeks or so. The officers who show up to respond are always cheery, polite, and even apologetic about their
presence at the club. The owner, Pam Robinson, ends up making friends with these cops and i've personally dealt with a number of them. They've continually been nice enough to say things along the lines of "Hey, sorry about this. There's just some neighbors around here too quick to complain. We never have problems with you guys. Thanks for the cooperation."
> I'm writing you to convey that this was an isolated incident and nothing more. This could have happened at any club, on any night, in any city in the United
States with a police force. The attention this story has garnered in the last few days has put a lot of heat on the Houston Police. I'm absolutely certain
the cops in Houston will approach noise complaints or any other kind of venue complaint with much more care and reserve than Officer Rodriguez did.

Please do not hesitate to reply with any questions, problems, or issues you might have regarding thsi incident, the safety of your bands, or your future
with Houston in your tour routings. I would say that most agents would agree that shows in Houston have been getting better and better as the years have
gone by. I've worked very hard to make this happen, and I hope you'll continue
to keep working this market as you would any other.

> Super Unison

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Boom, this would be the promoter's interpretation of events.

even the scant video shows the members of this band to be bucking to fight this officer. they are being pushed back repeatedly. the officer is surrounded, is being yelled at with profanity, and is defied repeatedly by the young men in this band. sit down means sit down, and is not an option-- this does not include the choice of leaving the premises.

the promoter has his own agenda and his opinion is of no greater value in front of a judge than an OFFICER OF THE LAW. this cop showed restraint when confronted with POP DIVAS in a situation that could have turned out much worse. two gallants were two losers in this confrontation, deserve to face the consequences of their actions.

I am not especially passionate about this issue, contrary to your assertion, but the truth is the truth. These two gallants acted like fools in this situation.

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yes of course this note is to protect the promoters business because he wants bands to come back and not be scared. but it goes to show you dont know your facts. the promoter doesnt have a reason to lie about whether the officer came in already and then they went and disobeyed him by turning it back up. he said that was absolutely not true and so do many other reports, except the police report. in your other post you seem to have stated as fact that the band blatently disobeyed the request to turn it down and so they asked for this punishment. to me this hurts your whole credibility and that makes me think rather than share an opinion you are just trying to start your own trouble here. if you read, which you havent, you will see the consensus is these guys are known to be the un-rockstars, they are known as extremely nice people who are not divas and have been touring in a van non stop for years. and if you read any of the other witness accounts and the promoters, it is obvious that the all the response has been because the officer handled this incident incorrectly. and again, if you read, they did stop playing but just asked why they had to stop. why is that unreasonable question? you think two 115 pound guys thought they could take the cop? as the article said in pfork, they were slammed on the ground unexpectedly with dialogue lasting less than 10 seconds and were just trying to get up and get their footing, human instinct, that is the anger you see in my opinion.

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scoobaroo is either Mr. Rodriguez, or, more likely, the person who represents the police union in Houston. He is testing arguments, so that he can refine them when he tries to protect Officer Rodriguez. It is not only to protect him, but to protect the six cars that showed up and arrested people for even asking a question. That shows that it is not one policeman, but an institutional problem among the Houston Police Department. scoobaroo has no response to those who were arrested for questioning the officers outside, but he has an institution to defend, because it's how he makes his living.

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scoobaroo, did you even watch the video? The officer resorted to violence before the band did anything except ask "why". If a cop came to your place of business and said, "STOP." Would you just pack up and go home? Unless you're either a) retarded or b) hate your job, no, you would at least ask why.

Okay, sure...he pulled back when the guitar that was fastened to his body was pulled forward. This is a logical reaction. If he hadn't pulled back, he would have stumbled into the officer (and then he would actually have shoved the man). Had the officer requested that he put the guitar down, I'm sure he would have been glad to do so.

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at the tucson show i talked to moses and he metioned that the band has been interviewing for some big media outlets...including rolling stone and pitchfork. so maybe something positive will come of all the chaos.

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In France we're just hearing about this mess. This is awfull, why was there a cop anyway?

goog luck to all of you, and don't stop!

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Gerald, Taylor, and Boom...

a police officer asks you to stop playing and you ask "why?" repeatedly?

Count to ten, Boomer. One, alligator, etc.

During this ten seconds, say "Stop playing." Then say "why." Repeat three times. Did your time run out?


Ten seconds is more than enough time for two 115 pound DIVAS (115x2=230+angry fans=?) to decide to obey the law and comply with an officer.

Have you watched the video that later shows them both bucking to get to the cop like fifteen year-old school boys, and you try to act like they have been persecuted?

Your conspiracy theories are cute, and typical (not very bright).

Cop says stop playing. Yes sir, what's the problem?
Too loud. Sure thing, officer, we'll turn it down and keep it down. Cop goes bye bye. Rock on! That's a pretty simple lesson learned by many indies from the lower east side to castro to all points in between.

If you don't understand that point, you've spent too much time on campus and too little time dealing with real-life venues.

Taylor Hill: Maybe you're just stupid. That would be a safe assumption based on your post. That's a personal problem for you to resolve on your own.

Gerald: The video speaks for itself. The video starts before we even see the conversation between the guitarist DIVA and the cop. Also, Gerald, you may be retarded, or hate your job, but that's no reason to project your neurosis on me or others.

Rock on.

Divas SUCK!!! Especially self-righteous divas who ruin the local's party and can't take responsibility for their own immature, irresponsible, illegal, and arrogant actions. You damage a local music scene by acting like victims and just give it up for dead.

Two gallants.

Two losers who need to face up.

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Geraldo: Correction: The video never shows the conversation between the guitarist DIVA and the cop. (Not recorded).

This incident will only be a P.T.Barnum "all news is good news" incident which will be featured in R.Stone and other magazines. the gallant boys will profit from their total exploitation of their own immature attitudes.

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The officer clearly handled that situation wrong. You don't go in solo and confront a whole fucking crowd of people who possibly have been drinking. If he was really investigating a noise complaint, he should have went to management. Somebody was running the show.

Police should bother with ACTUAL criminals, not a bunch of musicians/fans of music. What is more peaceful than music?

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elliot: the officer went to management.

Re: disaster at the Houston show

I'm sorry Nip, one day I'll be as intelligent as you so I can taser a 14-year-old.

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Taylor Hill: had the egoists, oops, rather, gallants, not acted like idiots, things would have been different.

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If he went to management, why didn't management take care of it? What the hell was he doing on stage?

He didn't handle things well at all. He is lucky, in some cities, at some shows, that could have went very bad. There would probably be some dead kids and one very dead cop.

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