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Live Recordings

Just curious if anyone has any decent recordings of some of the recent live shows? There are plenty of youtube videos and what not, but perhaps a whole set would be nice. I know there was one posted here, but I had issues with the download. Maybe a reup? Maybe something new? Who knows. Saw them at the beginning of the tour in LA and excited for the last day of the tour next week in SF. It'll be nice to see if the road has been nice to them.

Re: Live Recordings

From Dimeadozen tahnks to elric66 (and respecting the rules so these are the original .flac)

Wien (AUT)
Arena Open Air

Good quality and has *their four new songs and the brilliant Abner Jay cover, who you should also all check out. The set also has some even rarer "banter" in it. Should have updated readme.txt but you should be able to work it out. If you can't identify all the other tracks you probably shouldn't have downloaded it.

Any other set's floating about? I'm a bit slack on checking dime, think I even only found the above because someone tipped off on here.


*I've only come across 4 and heard tale of no other

Re: Live Recordings

Can anyone upload that as a .zip file? I've been trying to convert it but nothing is working for me.


Re: Live Recordings

Steve: just download winrar

And if you want to convert it for your personal use.

Re: Live Recordings

Thank you for the help. For some reason there are no files within the folder, its most likely a problem on my part, I will have to download it again

Re: Live Recordings

Thanks a lot grave. Well done. Just can't wait for these new songs to be recorded.

Re: Live Recordings

I think Im having the same problem as Steve. I download the file, but it wont convert. I made it into a .zip file on my ownm, but there were no files to extract. Judging by Scott's comment, the download does indeed work. So does anyone have any idea what may be going on? Thanks for any help

Re: Live Recordings

Feels like this is turning in to a tech help forum

Download file, leave as .rar
-If you can't open the .rar download and install winrar (I assumed everyone would have it)

To play the .flac files you may need to install the codecs for which ever media play you use.

Or shall I just ask if I'm allowed to up them to (hint to any new comers the 3 demos and some old sessions are up on their)

Re: Live Recordings

haha. sorry for asking and starting this mess.

Re: Live Recordings

Someone uploaded the Chicago Lincoln Hall show here
lots of new songs, great stuff.

Re: Live Recordings

Yeah that was me, at the lincoln hall show. I couldnt label all the songs because they were fresh tracks. Im going to see them in St. Louis on Sept. 15th and Iowa City on Oct. 5th i belive. Ill try to get a decent recording again. I just stumbled on this forum. Good to see some fellow fans.

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