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London 18th July 2011 Show with set list

A show well worth waiting for.

Dying Crapshooter Blues (Blind WIllie McTell)
Despite What You've Been Told
I'm So Depressed (Abner Jay)
Steady Rollin'
Hand That Held Me Down
"Where Sweet Willie"
Nothing to You (Puked over you)
New Song
Las Cruces Jail
New Song 2
Broken Eyes (acoustic guitar and Tyson on tambourine. both sang).

"The Blacker the Berry"
Long Summer Day
Seems Like Home to Me

From what I can recall.

Adam said they'd play 5 news songs I'd counted to 4 when they'd finished and all ones the I'd heard had been played. So great to find out it wasn't a lie when the encore that we had to clap damn hard for started with an excellent song completely new to me with a lovely more Chicago blue sounding number came on, this might just have been due to the volume of the show though. It was loud. A ton to energy, as you can see for the set list the slow songs are on an hiatus. It all came across to me that they where a bit more confident with the crowd. I remember them seeming quite shy with some of the old shows (Apart from the home town show from what I can tell from the live recordings). So big sing-alongs on all the old favourites and no teasing of the crowd with the long wait for "Goodnight my Andalucia". Adam just kicked right in and they kept the temp going. They've had their rest and now they're back together and you can tell they've missed their pairing as it comes across in such a good way. I would even go as far to say they wrote Broken Eyes as a song about them playing together again. Great way to end close (before the encore of course)

Fingers crossed they come back again soon (didn't have enough $ to buy a ticket for the second London show but man I wish I did).

And nice to be recognised by someone from a previous show (must have The Barfly) as someone from this forum can't remember you name and had to dash for the last train home but nice of you to say hi.

Hope that this new tour livens this place up again. They must be some newer fans who don't know about archive
(The audio has moved here though:

Re: London 18th July 2011 Show with set list

Hi 'Gravejr',
It was me that recognised you from before, and yes it was the Barfly in the summer of 2007- good memory on your part!

I think you are spot on with the set list, and what a set it was.
You give a good description of events also, as you say very loud and very energetic. I should be used to it by now but it was an incredible amount of noise to be made by just two individuals, and I mean noise in a good way.
As ever they put everything into it and it did look like they were enjoying themselves too.

I think the extended ending to 'Despite...' gave us a taste of what was to come, just jamming away making great music.
Big fan of the new songs so can't wait to hear them again.
Most definitely worth the wait.

Re: London 18th July 2011 Show with set list

Wow, what a nice start. dyin crapshooter blues. hope they start with the same at manchester. sure i'l be happy with whatever they decide though.

Seems to be a nice set list with tracks from across the albums, some gems yet to appear on albums but that many of us are familiar with, and of course some new material which is always good to hear.

They still have a load of great tracks that haven't featured on a single or an album yet.

anyone get any recordings of the new songs?

Re: London 18th July 2011 Show with set list

one of the new songs is called 'how's it going baby'