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Current live shows

I'm not going to Google and spend hours reading blogs and reviews by the general public I'm going to ask here

The recent shows: Any new stuff getting played? Interesting extra verses etc.?

I read somewhere they'd be working on re-writing old material rather than new songs.

Haven't seen any set lists either

Need to be prepared for the show on Monday, it'd feel wrong if they play a brand new song that I'm not singing along to every word to.

Re: Current live shows

i posted a review and setlist on this board if you go check out the echo thread. i think they played 4 new songs if i remember. it would be nice if others posted some reviews on this board. it kind of died a bit when the band went on hiatus. have fun!

Re: Current live shows

Here's a recording I found on Dime a Dozen from Wien on 7-5-2011. I posted the set list and they played 4 new songs. Here's the link

Re: Current live shows

Yeah, about 4 new songs sounds about right. Also heard 1 or 2 covers of which I assume were old blues songs(very good renditions though!).

One of the new tunes is called "Broken Eyes"

Re: Current live shows

How did I miss these? I'd been keeping an eye on these boards for such things must have missed them somehow even with such a small flow of posts.

Cheers for the Dime link too, hadn't checked on there in a while.

Will try and get a set list and/or review down for tomorrows show too.

Re: Current live shows

Sent the live show via megaupload to a friend who proved his worth. So thought I'd share it on here. Nicely hidden away.​?d=9A1TBSJF

Just remember to play by the rules, I'm sure everyone abides by them anyway.


Re: Current live shows

Link is dead for some reason, and I'd love to hear this.
Well done on the review from the show. Nice to see such a positive response across the pond. Saw them a few weeks ago down in L.A. and just got tickets for their last show of the tour in SF. Should be interesting to see how the road and a hometown crowd impacts the band. I assume they may be going into the studio shortly thereafter. Also just came across this interview from Spain (used Google to translate it):

and this video: