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Just seeing if anyone on this board is going to the show tonight at the Echo. I haven't seen Two Gallants since they played their last show at Gilman in February 2009 (many adam and devotional shows since) . Needless to say, I am quite excited. I'll post a review later, but was hoping some other fans would want to meet up at the show. Anyways, let me know.

Re: Echo

So, the show last night was quite incredible. The guys always have a magical presence to them, even after 2 years of not playing together. For those of you going to the shows, make sure you get there early to see Papa. They were quite an entertaining band. The Mumlers played second, and were a little more mellow than I expected, but still worth the effort.

By the time, 2Gs came on, the Echo was absolutely packed. My friend and I were able to sneak our way near the side of the stage. The guys seemed in top form last night. They played 4 new songs and 2 covers. I really loved the new songs, and am excited about what is to come for them. Tyson was able to play so hard that he broke his snare las cruces jail, but was able to borrow one from the drummer from Papa. It was Adam's birthday, so some of their friends brought him a cake after playing Nothing to You, and the crowd sang happy birthday. I was able to chat with Tyson for a bit before they played, and they seemed excited to be back on tour. Try and catch them on this tour. Setlist is below

Dying Crapshooter Blues (Blind WIllie McTell). I think, the sound was a bit off for the first song.
Despite What You've Been Told
Steady Rollin'
I'm So Depressed (Abner Jay)
New Song - Squeaky Wheel (Couldn't quite catch the name)
Hand That Held Me Down
Las Cruces Jail
New Song
Nothing to You
New Song
New Song (acoustic guitar and Tyson on tambourine. both sang).

Long Summer Day
Seems Like Home to Me

Re: Echo

Someone posted a few videos from the show, including this new acoustic song.