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Bottom of the Hill Review

How was the first show? I am dying to hear about it. have fun everyone who going tonight.

Re: Bottom of the Hill Review

i'd love someone to post the set list of the show too :)

Re: Bottom of the Hill Review

Me too! Been checking youtube for uploads too but nothing :*(

Re: Bottom of the Hill Review

It was really an awesome show. They sounded really tight and the crowd was extremely enthusiastic.

Here is what I can recall from the set list:
Dying crapshooter blues
Crow Jane (with cello)
Long Summers day
Nothing to you
Steady rolling
Las cruces jail
fail hard to regain
despite what you've been told

I know I'm missing a few. But it seemed like a short set, but then again, I started drinking before 8pm and they didn't hit the stage until midnight.

I shot some pretty crappy video I'll try to post later. I hope someone taped this.

Re: Bottom of the Hill Review

additional set list too

Hand that held me down
Seems likes home to me

more vids
long Summer day

Re: Bottom of the Hill Review

My fiance, Suz, and I took some of our wedding money and made the trip from Pittsburgh. WELL WORTH IT! We had a blast. They sounded great and the crowd was awesome. I loved the set list too. Opening with Dyin' Crapshooters Blues was such a great feeling. They hit all the favorites and even a few I didn't recognize.

Here in Pittsburgh, the closest the 2GS come is Ohio, where the crowd is pretty lame. In San Fran (our first time to California even), the crowd does love their gallants. I actually didn't care that the crowd was singing over Adam.

We'd do it a million times over. Welcome back boys.

Re: Bottom of the Hill Review

zach....from pittsburgh....did we meet at the khyber (RIP) in philly back during the toll tells tour? are you the same person?