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Favorite lyrics?

A place to post your favorite lyrics by Two Gallants, or lines which have just stuck with you

Re: Favorite lyrics?

"Me I'm a sucker, just a slave to sound"
It's a line I can relate to.

"with you high heels and your mace
You tell me I'm out of place
Rip my eyes out of my face"

The Trembling of the Rose is a pretty serious and all but that bit just cracks me up.

Re: Favorite lyrics?

my favorite lines are

"and you fools in the back with your heads in your hats"

"and they call us sick as though they're all so sane"

"too busy runnin' out of time"

i even thought for a second about getting a tattoo with the last line...

Re: Favorite lyrics?

mine have to be,

"This love is loss, this life is theft"

Re: Favorite lyrics?

oh i almost forgot

"well, the blues came down on me this morning
like a shower rain"

Re: Favorite lyrics?

"this youth protests the failing light with his shirt sleeves rolled in the humid night"

"sometimes night time brings you back again and i curse that western wind"

"yeah i'll drink myself blind just this last time, put a song in my throat -- whisky, women and wine"

"God forgive your unborn sons, i hope they don't end up like me"

and of course...

"i want 22 women at the Hampton Hotel and 26 off-a South Bell, but just 1 woman 'outta north atlanta to give me pleasure 'fore i gets to hell"