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    910 deer series

    Looking at the new 910 deer trial series this year it says cedar creek hunting club is going to be apart of it. they are going to have their trial on what they call the blues farm which is at the most 3000 acres with the majority of it crop land and the other part inaccessible because it joins the river and a major swamp with no roads in or out and is adjacent from a major military institution. Cedar Creek doesnt even run dogs on this land it is a still hunting property and all the adjacent properties are still hunting only except for the gamleands which leads to a major military instillation that is private United States Military owned land and no dog hunting allowed. They are saying they want 300-400 dogs at their trial but there is no way that is possible because there will be absolute hell played by the adjacent land owners and hunters who have leased properties. you couldn’t turn 200 dogs out on this property without starting trouble. Cedar creek hunting club is notorious for violating hunting and land use regulations which has resulted in the termination of all their land leases in Robeson and Scotland counties by numerous landowners. Where ever they go they decimate every single piece of game on the property. This property will never be able to accommodate an outside field trial and that’s the truth everyone in this area knows this is trouble waiting to happen and a lot of hunters are going to risk tickets and fines by the wildlife commission for trespassing. I’m a dog hunter and this area is notorious for a lot of anti dog hunters

    Re: 910 deer series

    The land we are gonna run use to be in our dog hunting club, IT IS STILL HUNTING PROPERTY, BUT ITS OUR LEASED LAND.., we did run dogs last year on this property an didnt have not one bit of trouble, the game warden was there , we actually killed 57 deer that day, with about 100 head of hounds,There’s 3200 Acres of land. The lumber river does run threw the middle of our trial hunt.. but we also have leased land on other side of the river, an also four thousands of acres of gamelands, THAT U CAN RUN DOGS ON UP UNTIL TURKEY SEASON.. the place is invested with deer, the land owner made use run it to cut the deer down some.. ME PERSONALLY FROM BEING A DOG HUNTER, THANK IT WILL BE A GOOD HUNT.. I VOUCHED FOR THIS BC I WOULD LIKE TO SEE THIS SOMETHING LIKE I HAVE ALWAYS ATTENDED WITH U GUYS COME IN MY AREA .... lots of ppl blame stuff on us bc we kill monster bucks every year.. we have game wardens on speed dial, they will be notified about hunt also.. cedar creek hunting club has a bunch of haters, always has? WE ARE LOOKING FORWARD TO A GREAT HUNT AND LOTS OF SCORING

    Re: 910 deer series

    Mr. Graham I personally spoke to the gamewarden and the NC wildlife commission last season when I heard about the mass slaughter that cedar creek hunting club performed in one day on the blues farm. You say 57 deer but I personally heard from members in your club that it was closer to 80 deer. I even heard that some of your members didn’t even clean the deer and butcher them that they just simply fed the meat to their dogs that is completely in humane and a total waste of meat and slaughter for fun. They said people in your club broke every tag limit rule that was in the books with some people killing 6-7 deer a piece 4-5 bucks when all you have all season is 2 buck tags. That you guys where shooting deer with spots on them and milk still running out of there mouths. The gamewarden I spoke with said he had heard about the situation and that it was under investigation because of the complaints they had. You say you have 4000 acres of gamelands for the dogs to run on well Mr. David did you know that you are suppose to get a valid permit from the wildlife commission to run a legit field trial on the gamelands and with all the recent complains against you guys to the wildlife I don’t see how they would give you guys any. And no one is mad because you guys kill bucks, everyone is mad because you guys are poachers and break every wildlife law there is. Your club gets a piece of property and then has every adjacent land owner and hunter mad because you guys kill anything that walks while we try to manage deer you guys wipe them out completely. Once word in the community gets out about this field trial I’m not going to be the only opposition the entire hunting community in their area will be against it. I’m just the first person to speak up about this situation I’m not trying to cause trouble I’m just stating the facts.