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    C&M Puppy & Derby 10/10/20

    October 10, 2020
    C&M Puppy and Derby
    C&M Fox Preserve
    1270 Dessie Rd.
    Chadbourn ,N.C. 28431
    By: Lonnie Ward

    Well this was our last Puppy and Derby hunt for 2020. It was a good day. The weather cooperated and the running was good. We have been very lucky this year with good running weather…
    We had a nice group of hunters and I give a b ig thank you to each of you. We have a lot of people to thank that supported the hunts at C&M. The hunters and judges and everyone that gave a helping hand when it was needed. Today we had Bill Holden serving as Master of Hounds and as always going a very good job. Tommy Murry was out Bench Show Judge and Brandon Strickland served as Ring Master. Thanks fellows for a good job. Judges were as follows: Bill Holden, Zander Holden, Madeline Lee, Cecil Lee, James Benton, Chick Benton, Canon Ward, Sam Jacobs, Duck Britt, Charles McPherson, John McPherson, Dylan Wilkes, and Brandon Strickland. Thanks to all the judges for a good job and all you do for the sport of fox hunting.. I know that all of you have other things that you could be doing on a Saturday morning like sleeping late. I really appreciate your dedication. Hunting season opens next Saturday and I know that most of the judges hunt. Hope all of you have a successful and safe hunting season.
    I want to thank Cari Hayes for finding time to give us as C&M. You make things happen. Posting scores and selling 50/50 tickets seem so easy for you and you are really good at both.
    Lisa McShane took a break from her busy business to help out this week. She stayed busy cooking and taking pictures and will post them for us. Thank you so much Lisa.
    Thank you to the feed companies and their reps. They are Mike Carr (Pride), Randy McGovern & Moose Jower (Showtime), Ronnie Mace, Bown’s Hunting Supply (Value-Pak), Hollybucks (Dog Supplies) and Gurganus Feeds for Buddy Boy.
    We will be having out Three Day Open on December 3rd, 4th, and 5th. Hope to see you all again soon.
    Congratulations to all the winners.

    Bench Show

    1st #71 Slow & Steady’s Spot: Ch. No Pitty Jigsaw & Moore’s Martha/ Slow & Steady Knls., Green Sea, S.C.
    2nd #115 Triple Play’s Hard Head: Clayton’s Hillbilly & Clayton’s Breezy/ Triple Play Knls.,
    Delco, N.C.
    3rd #77 Slow & Steady’s Fast Gun: B&B’s Loot & B&B’s Lil Slipper/ Slow & Steady Knls.
    Green Sea, S.C.
    4th #13 Never Nice Danger: Ward’s Superman & Never Nice Rhiannon/ Never Nice Knls.,
    NMB, S.C.
    5th #101 Mail Man: Big Time Rolex & Carter’s Gail C./ Steve & Vicki Jordan, Conway,SC
    6th #349 Bam Bams Roughneck: Howard’s High Tide & Chaplins Bootsie/Brandon Hartley, Swansea, S.C.
    7th #511 Top Gun Spook: Top Gun Ringneck & Pursuit/ Top Gun Knls., Loris, S.C.


    1st #109 Craig’s Star: Country Boy Jaybird & Blacklands Havoc/Country Boy Knls., Sherrills Ford, N.C.
    2nd #521 High Fly-N Allison : Paradise’s Hawk & Hank’s Crazy Daisy/ Steve & Vicki Jordan,
    Conway, S.C. 29527
    3rd #5 Top Gun Trinity: B&B Earl Ray & Patterson’s Miami /Top Gun Knls.,Loris,SC
    4th #975 Dog Bluff Nasty C.: Ward’s Superman II &Ward’s Shelby II: Lenny Crowe, Galivants Ferry, SC
    5th #3 Never Nice Lucielle: Ward’s Superman & Never Nice Rhiannon/Never Nice Knls.,
    NMB, SC
    6th #681 Fowler’s Foxy H.L.: Ch. Quick Catch Hulk & L&S Tobasco/ High Life Knls., Leland,NC
    7th #411 Swampmusic Lady: Buckshots Hard Rock & Up In Smoke Nova/ Tony Griffin, Evergreen, NC
    8th #87 Game Over’s Bella G: Ch. B&B’s Superman & B&B’s Mercedes/Game Over Knls., Hemingway, S.C.
    9th #505 Bam Bam Ana: Edenfields Willie & Bam Bam’s Cinderella/ Brandon Hartley, Swansea, SC.

    BIS #109 Craig’s Star
    BOS #71 Slow & Steady’s Spot


    Puppy (30 entries)
    215 pts. To get in and 465 to win

    1st #82 Nobles R.J.: Daniels RJ & Nobles Daisy/Charlie & Layton Nobles,Aynor, S.C.
    2nd #6 Knock Out’s Breeze: Broadway’s Stud & Broadway’s Bonnie 2/ Double Take Knls., Whiteville, N.C.
    3rd #92 Batarora’s Chyna: Batarora’s Pac Man C. & Batarora’s Buttermilk/ Batarora Knls.,
    Leland, N.C.
    4th #44 Game Over’s Lady: Game Over’s Hardtime & G. Vegas Modea/Game Over Knls.,
    Hemingway, S.C.
    5th #46 Coot’s Runaway Fortchun: Coot’s Runaway Chester & Bate’s Daisey/ Jack em Back Kennels Chadbourn, N.C.
    6th #84 Nobles Missy:Daniels R.J. & Nobles Daisy/Charlie & Layton Nobles, Aynor,SC
    7th #86 Nobles Bullet: Daniels R.J. & Nobles Daisy/ Charlie & Layton Nobles, Aynor,SC
    8th #130 Batarora’s Red Boy B. : Patterson’s Slim & Cascio’s Roxie/ Batarora Knls.,
    Leland, N.C.
    9th #8 Game Over’s H2: Game Over’s Hard Time & G. Vegus Madea/ Game Over Knls.
    Hemingway, S.C.
    10th #16 Swampmusic Flounder:Trail Blazing Bandit & Swampmusic Emily/Tony Griffin,
    Evergreen, N.C.
    11th #80 Nobles J.R.: Charlie & Layton Nobles
    12th #4 Logchain’s Copper: Logchain Knls.
    13th #140 Pay Pal’s Jill: Pay Pal Knls.
    14th #20 Tree Choppin Mozzy: Choyce Spalding
    15th #30 Blanton’s “Danger”: Out of Control Knls.

    Derby- 105 entries
    410 pts to get in and 1040 to win

    1st #5 Top Gun Trinity: B&B Earl Ray & Patterson’s Miami/ Top Gun Knls.,Loris,SC
    2nd #71 Slow & Steady’s Spot: Ch. No Pitty Jigsaw & Morre’s Martha/ Slow & Steady Knls.,Green Sea, S.C.
    3rd #121 Ole South Mallary: Patterson’s Pooty Thang & Bond’s Star/ Ole South Knls.,
    Nakina, NC
    4th #85 Triple Play’s Baby Girl:Hill’s Weed Killer & Whisenant’s Mattie B./ Triple Play
    Knls., Delco,N.C.
    5th #501 Norris’ Maggie: Ch. Norris’ Big Boy & Kannon’s Tiny/Ronnie Norris, /Wilmington,NC
    6th #21 Top Gun Crush: B&B Loot & B&B Hard Candy/ Top Gun Knls., Loris, S.C.
    7th #521 High Fly-N Allison: Paradise Hawk & Hank’s Crazy Daisy/Steve & Vicki Jordan,
    Conway, S.C.
    8th #75 Front Row’s Tom: Front Row’s Float & Johnson’s Piper/Front Row Knls., Ash,NC
    9th #401 Norris’ Jesse: Ch. Norris Big Boy & Crisco’s Star/Ronnie Norris, Wilmington,NC
    10th #9 Front Row’s Jesse: Front Row’s Float & Hoff’s Cricket/Front Row Knls.,Ash,NC
    11th #771 Norris’ Sam/ Ronnie Norris
    12th #515 Knock Out’s Nikki/Double Take Knls.
    13th #49 Logchain’s Molly/ Logchain Knls.
    14th #191 Ole South Metabo/ Ole South Knls.
    15th #11 Gone To Ground’s Aries/ Gone To Ground Knls.

    Best Mouth #771 Norris’ Sam/ Ronnie Norris
    Classiest Hound #51 Slow & Steady’s Tic Toc/ Slow & Steady Knls.
    Combination #71 Slow & Steady’s Spot/ Slow & Steady Knls.

    Re: C&M Puppy & Derby 10/10/20

    See C&M Fox Preserve facebook for hunt results, pictures and future hunts