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    Ansley's One in a Million Benefit Hunt Results

    We cannot even begin to express how grateful we are with how everything went on Saturday at Ansley's One in a Million Benefit hunt at Grassy Branch Fox Preserve. Over $23,000.00 was raised Saturday and it couldn't have been possible without everyone involved.

    On behalf of the Ashburn family:

    "From the Ashburn Family:
    we cannot express how grateful we are to everyone for everything, we were blessed to raise $23,011 at the Ansley’s one in a million-benefit hunt.
    we would like to say a special thanks to Bobby & Mary Susie Patterson and family for all they did to contribute to making Saturday a success!
    Everyone who donated monies, the list is extremely long, just know we are so grateful. Ansley has touched so many people the list would be a mile long. If you would like to donate to the family message me and I will get you their information!
    Thank you to the Honeycutt family for taking the time to drive down from Chapel Hill and jump in whole heartedly! I know any second away from Ansley right now is so hard! Thank you for allowing our family (hound and otherwise) to show our love and support for yours! Please continue to pray for Ansley and her family.
    To my tribe, THANK YOU, y’all have shown love and support from coast to coast! The people in our corner are so amazing! We love you all!
    David Coley and Robert Best (B&B Concrete) for cooking and donating the food. Megan Mason for cooking, donating and preparing breakfast.
    - B&B Concrete, Robert Best (mullet fillets & Baked Beans)
    - David Coley (oil, mill, seasoning, and cooker)
    - Bobby & Mary Susie Patterson (Chicken, Hush puppies, pasta salad, slaw)
    - Megan Mason (breakfast)
    Hayley Skipper for running the computer and everything else she did! A huge thank you to Grassy Branch Fox Preserve (Ray & Patty Skipper) for donating 100% of the entries to the Honeycutt Family, that is unheard of!
    Everyone who donated Time, a strong back, lent a helping hand, sold tickets, brought tables and chairs, made cakes, jumped right in when they saw we needed something done, Judged, or just came to donate we could not have done this without y’all. Brett Anderson (Rambo) for the circus tent. It was a team effort from the hound community for that I will be forever grateful.
    To Town Creek Hunting Club and Grassy Branch Hunting Club, thank you for donating your time, drinks, ice and everything else, Y’all showed out, an $800 cheese cake! Thank you to everyone who donated a breeding(s), free running, or training. Greg McDowell and Tommy Male both donated back the monies they won in the raffles!
    To the Hunters thank you! Y’all opened your hearts and wallets Saturday! Y’all came from far and wide to support our efforts to raise money to help take some of the financial burden off the Honeycutt family. We broke the pen record with 136 hounds!
    Below is a list of businesses who donated please consider who gives back when you are shopping, eating or getting hound supplies!
    Fox preservers
    - Grassy Branch Fox Preserve
    - Old Tram Fox Preserve
    - Sell Horn Fox Preserve
    - J&J Fox Preserve
    - Black River Fox Preserve
    - Back woods Fox Preserve
    - South West Fox Preserve
    - Harry O’s Fox Preserve
    - King Fox Preserve
    - C&M Fox Preserve
    - Needmore Fox Preserve
    - Pestco (Ray Skipper)
    - Southport Beauty Bar (Kortney Nowell, Alecia Casey, Gigi Gomez)
    - Eddy’s Hotrodz and Collision (Ed and Megan Mason)
    - Hinson’s Lawnmower Service LLC. (Billie Jo and Roy Cartrette)
    - Brunswick Electric Service Inc. (Jereme Willetts)
    - Intercoastal Angler
    - Canady’s Sports Center
    - Outdoor Dog Supply
    - Brown’s Outdoor Headquarters
    - Hound Dog Country (Audrie Johnson)
    - Long Branch Supply
    - Holly Buck’s (Greg & Lisa Hollis)
    - Becky Locke (Pure Romance)
    - Southern Charm Jewelry (Michelle and Michael McNeil)
    - First Citizens Bank (Meghan Casteen)
    - Joni’s Sign and T-shirt Shop
    - Scott’s Farm and Family
    - B&B Concrete (Robert Best)
    - Pristine Pressure Washing (Gary Nowell)
    - Vinyl by Carrie Hawley
    - Mid-south feeds (ShowTime, Randy McGovern)
    - The Pride Dog Food (Pride, Mike Carr)
    - Chadbourn Feeds (Red Flannel, prime)
    - Intercoastal Towing & Recovery (Andy Taylor)
    - Custom Cups by Tamra Riggins
    - The Party Hopper and Backyard Bouncers
    - McCaskill Hauling (Dennis McCaskill)
    - Southern Designs (Ashli Fowler)
    - Café Koa
    - Koko Cabana
    - Kai Joe’s
    - Ruby’s Coffee House and Eatery
    - The Lazy Turtle Ocean Front Grille
    - Joe Loves Lobster Rolls
    - Fishy Fishy
    - Nick Ashburn
    - Nick & Remy Howard
    - Ray Skipper
    - Justin & Krystle Ray (Riley & Heavy Duty)
    - Michael McNeil
    - Bob Ferguson (American Bob)
    - Aaron Wescott
    - Steven King (Smoochie)
    - Brandon Gowdy (kool-aid)
    - Chase Patterson
    - Robbie Patterson
    - Scott Beck (Lightning)
    - Lee Sellers
    - Albert Lee Brown
    - Ronnie Graham
    - Randell & Amy McGowen
    - Preston Nowell
    - Brandon & Harper McKeithan
    - Jason & Izzy Rogers
    - Josh Pack
    - Jerome Beck
    Personal Donations for the Raffle and Auction
    - The McKeithan Family (drive track 71)
    - Hannah Knight
    - John and Carli Crabtree
    - Johnny Shepard
    Thank you to Michael & Megan Lewis for their donation in Honor of “Medicine Man” who passed away from cancer.
    With donations pouring in from every direction it is highly possible I may have missed someone. If I did firstly, We are extremely grateful for your generosity and secondly send me a message and I will update the post!"

    Now for the results:

    Older Class:

    It took 765 points to win and 330 points to get in.

    1st Place: Dog Number 3, Playboy’s Willow, off of Town Creek’s Rock On X Croatans Ella. Hollow Rd. and Jr. and Sons
    2nd Place: Dog Number 77 BRK’s Rip, off of Mk’s Drifter X Heartbreaker. Bluff Road Kennel
    3rd Place: Dog Number 951 Silent Assassin’s Layla, off of Crisco’s Charlie X Top Cat Margarita. Silent Assassin Kennels
    4th Place: Dog Number 23 Mermaid, off of Ch. Thompson’s Willy X Bedrock’s Athena. Haws Run Kennels
    5th Place: Dog Number 53 Rolo, off of BGS Superman II X BGS Lularoo. Haws Run Kennels
    6th Place: Dog Number 971 Silent Assassin’s Power Stroke, off of Crisco’s Charlie X Top Cat Margarita. Silent Assassin Kennels
    7th Place: Dog Number Harris Swamp Betty, off of Harris Swamp’s Pierce X Harris Swamp’s Blueberry. Harris Swamp Kennels
    8th Place: Dog Number 97 Brunswick’s Ringo, off of Hawkeye’s Gunner X Front Row’s Wild Fire. Brunswick Kennels
    9th Place: Dog Number 99 Silent Assassin Cricket, off of Crisco’s Charlie X Top Cat Margarita. Silent Assassin Kennels
    10th Place: Dog Number 71 Harvey Boy’s LJ, off of Forty Creek’s SJ and Harvey Boy’s Layla. Scott Harvey
    11th Place: Dog Number 5 Southrn Hayes II, Southrn Sound Kennels
    12th Place: Dog Number 15 GSK’s Black Gal, Graveside Kennels
    13th Place: Dog Number 915 Silent Assassin’s Lucy, Silent Assassin Kennels
    14th Place: Dog Number 43 Hulu, Haws Run Kennels
    15th Place: Dog Number 03 Coston’s Bones, Mullet Run Kennels

    Younger Class:
    It took 410 points to win and 240 points to get in.

    1st Place: Dog Number 130, Batarora’s Little Naomi, off of Patterson’s Pootie Tang X McCrea’s Naomi. Batarora Kennels
    2nd Place: Dog Number 350, Batarora’s Chyna, off of Batarora’s Pacman C X Batarora’s Buttermilk. Batarora Kennels
    3rd Place: Dog Number 214, Batarora’s Judy, off of Batarora’s Pacman C X Batarora’s Buttermilk. Batarora Kennels
    4th Place: Dog Number 174, McCrae’s Ozzy, off of Patterson’s Pootie Tang X McCrea’s Naomi. Saved By Grace Kennels
    5th place: Dog Number 58 Tiny, Swamp Dog Kennels
    6th Place: Dog Number 10 Moe’s Mustang Sally, Off of Moe’s Al Capone X Moe’s Streak. Rollin Thunder Kennels
    7th Place: Dog Number 4 Forty Creek’s Tater, off of Bad Ben X Ross’ BB. Forty Creek Kennels
    8th Place: Dog Number 600 Hustle Times Red Ma, Off of Buckshot’s Troopen X Hoff’s Bella. Hustle Time Kennels
    9th Place: Dog Number 244 Paxton’s Pork Chop, Off of Town Creek’s Cash X Town Creek’s Mrs. Hazel, Southern Trouble Kennels
    10th Place: Dog Number 616 Caine’s Big Boy, off of Ward’s Superman II X Caine’s Lucille, Kendall Caine
    11th Place: Dog Number 140 King, Burney Boys Kennels
    12th Place: Dog Number 208 Slow and Steady’s Tik Tok, Slow and Steady Kennels
    13th Place: Dog Number 88 Moe’s Aight C’Mon, Rollin Thunder Kennels
    14th Place: Dog Number 172 McCrea’s Butthead, Saved by Grace Kennels
    15th Place: Dog Number 56 Rack Em Up Ms. Hallbrook, Double Take Kennels

    Check out our Facebook page for pictures from the event https://www.facebook.com/grassybranchfoxpreserve