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Lost and Found

Post here for lost or found items.

Do your good deed for the day!

Found: jewelry item at Golflinks field

Email me with description to claim it.

Re: Lost and Found

found a backpack at Ochoa field on Friday april 13th

Re: Lost and Found

Found some notebooks at Udall. Please contact me to identify if they are yours.

Team: Chubasco

found ball

I found a soccer ball at the townsend north field on Wed. June 6th. contact me if you've lost yours and be prepared to tell me the name written on the ball!!

i hope this ball finds its home!


Re: Lost and Found

Found White soccer cleats on Friday, June 1st- OCHOA NW field.

Please email:


Team: Geckos

Lost Bag full of jerseys

We are missing a large red and black duffle bag with wheels that contained some of our red jerseys and some white jerseys, along with other misc. items. There is a reward if found. Thanks.

Team: Tucson Fire

Lost and Found

Lost Black and Lime Green Lotto Cleats. Left at field after game. Not sure which field. Appreciate it if you turn them in.

Re: Lost and Found

My wife lost her wedding rings at Ochoa on Sat. May 3 (Playdowns). It's a solitare engagement ring and a wedding band, I can describe in detail and even have the receipts. Please contact me @ 205-1570 if you have found them.

Team: A-Team

Lost Backpack

We lost an Eddie Bauer backpack being used as a diaper bag at our game Wednesday night 5/28 at 6;30pm at Golflinks NW field

Team: G3

Re: Lost and Found

found single key with white chain

Team: Drivetime

Re: Lost Wedding Band at Udall E 11/11/09!

Lost diamond wedding band at Udall E field on Sun 11/19/09. Please contact me if found.

Team: G3 - Women's B

Re: Lost and Found

Lost a ball at Lincoln Park during the 11 o'clock game on Feb 1st, if anyone found please let me know. Its white with silver waves around a blue design.

Team: Nemesis

Re: Lost and Found

Lost my soccer ball 2/15 at Lincoln during 8:15 game. Went in the parking lot after a missed goal. Ball is Adidas - white with black and red design. Name and number is on the ball. Please call if found.
331-9617 Thanks.

Team: Deviants


I found shin guards at Udall on Sunday Feb. Are they yours? Nuclear Fusion and Ballistic were playing before us.

Team: Choquele

Re: Lost

Lost one adidas MLS Club Pro NFHS, mainly white with black and some blue, soccer ball ( Accidentally left after a 6:15 pm game at Lincoln W on Feb. 15th. Has my name (NELSON) & phone number (505.321.3136) written on it in several areas. Might be hard to make out because of fading, but still recognizable. Cost a pretty penny. Is a very nice ball. Please call or email if found.

Team: Dynamo

Re: Found satchel

A satchel was turned in to me. If you lost on, email me with correct description and where it was lost.

Re: Lost and Found

nike neverflat ball @ golf links left in n goal. already lost 2 to the lakeside lochness monster. white w/ gold/black lettering

Team: monsoon

Puma Soccer shoe found at Ochoa

I found a Puma soccer shoe at Ochoa on the bleachers of the NW field. I found it Friday, June 19. It is black with a black rubber band around the laces. Call me if it is yours. 465-8353 Marjorie Becklund

Team: D.J.'s

Found ball

I found a ball at the field. If you lost one, email me with description.

Re: Lost Referee Shirt

Did anyone find a referee shirt at Ochoa South on Sunday, Oct 10 after the VWP vs Lobos game?

Found - glasses at Lakeside

If anyone lost a pair of prescription glasses at Lakeside this past Sunday, Nov 21, let me know.

Found - Soccer Bag

A soccer bag was found on Sunday night. Email me to identify.

Re: Lost and Found

Lost a pair of black adidas pants and black earwarmers feb 17th at sportspark. Please email me if you have them! Thanks!

Re: Lost and Found - July 2012

Goalie gloves and two different jerseys have been turned into me. Email a description to claim.

Re: Found Sunglasses at Udall

Found a nice pair of sunglasses at the Udall W field on March 22nd. Email description to me to claim.

Lost and Found

Hi everybody. I found a ring tonight at Quincy Douglass Field. Did anyone lose one?



Team: PCU

Re: Lost first aid kit

I lost my red fabric first aid kit at Udall south fields Wednesday has a large compartment and two small side compartments my daughter's proventil inhaler was in it along with all the other first aid supplies

Team: venom