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Women's 35&Over Games, Dec 28

WHO: 35&Over Women's Soccer (each team can have 3 30-34)

WHEN: Saturday, Decemeber 28, 2013, ~8:00am-4pm

WHERE: Tucson, AZ, Fields: Ochoa

COST: $165 per team ($50 cash first place prize)

DEADLINE: Friday, December 20th by 5pm
Submit application and cash or money order to: TWSL, 438 W Calle Lago, Tucson, AZ 85704

- 2 - 3 games (30-minute halves)

- All players must be registered with USSF/USASA and affiliated with ASSA
or appropriate state organization.
Players not registered with USASA may register for $6 (see requirements in
rules document)

- If you are interested playing or making a team, please post a message here
and visit our website for more information,