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Unwarranted banning

I have played with these two alias's for the past 2 years. tonight i connect randomly to the |GG| server looking to snipe some heads off which of course i did do. After a few minutes of gaming i was greeted by a member sm0ke who im assuming runs thes boards. He began asking me to change my name I did after i got fragged but by this time sm0ke was trying to !kick pen even though my name had been changed. I have chat logs to prove this. go ahead and bust out your server logs too. at this point i was a little frustrated since sm0ke is telling me how kids play this game. i explained to him that its a video game and that its the internet. i myself have been playing this game for 4 years and have never had an issue with someone using the word penis. its not a swear, its a male reproductive organ. i called out sm0ke due to the fact i felt as though i was being attacked and he proceeded to ban me. Had this been a full server and my name had been F*** or hairy******** where my name was offending to others i would have changed it. But in this case even the kicking of me was unwarranted.

Re: Unwarranted banning

You seriously waisted your time on this subject.Your one wrong Disscusion Board for one.
Yes i Own the Server ,And you were against Community Rules.I am not only one who makes up the Rules.I am one who inforces them.
You had unwanted name period.Had you took the name off , we all would be happy.
I never have issues with ppl who comply with these rules .
Thank-You and Bye...