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From BulleT

crock said i might be an idea to apoligize so i will it makes sense you have probaly made up your mind with first impressions many people do.

so Noc if you haven't made up your mind and are willing to forgive me and see me though.

thank you

if not well [GG] my loose there most high skill player
i don't now i just came here to say i'm sorry not what if so sorry.

Re: From BulleT

its hard too sat sorry bro...good on you...we must all respect each other whether we like each other or not...We are a clan family,,love u all peace m8

Re: From BulleT

I agree Chris ... tuche` tuche` .
Also nice seeing somone post here guys *smiles*

Re: From BulleT
I came here from that site , How did you guys get here?

Re: From BulleT

not surprising to see bullet apologizin again! More trouble from bullet, alot of that seems like! When will u learn boy!

Re: From BulleT

well my account has been suspended on ggclanz, havent been around for a while. good to see everyone is still kicking, ill be around on the server when i can, but cant help on forums until my account gets deleted or taken off suspension. just was on jaymod server, looks good but some things have changed...

bullet i dont even remember exactly what happened with you and however many other members back in the day, but I dont hold grudges. seriously tho bud, in real life you can't talk to people like you have in the past, especially people on the same side as you. either way saw my name and just wanted to say hello.


Re: From BulleT

Hey Noc hope to see you again,its now August 2010.


hey I have no pc or internet right now, didn't get into too much trouble. Ill be around once i get the Apple to accept ET, best wishes all.

Big Noc

Re: Re:

Hey guys glad to see you both come here :) .
I have also been busy ,hope to see you soon Noc,your account was not suspended,my account was suspended for ggclanz and lol-kok accounts .Both Domains were in trouble because we had a hacker put a phishing code on a file,hence the suspention until i phisically removed the files infected. is not not suspended as I deleted the files :) .