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ACN was founded in January 1993 and celebrated their 20th anniversary in February this year.
The 4 founders of ACN,Greg Provenzano,Robert Stevanovski,
Tony Cupisz and Mike Cupisz are as dedicated to the growth and development
of the ACN company and the ACN IBOs,today as when the company first began.

ACN is in 23 countries spreading accross 4 continents,with more than 1300
employees to assist customers and IBOs worldwide.
ACN is the largest direct seller of telecommunications,energy
and essential services in the world.
yet they hold less than 1% of the world market share.
With millions of customers,and growing,ACN revenues will soon
be over 1 billion per year.
ACN bypasses traditional forms of marketing by going directly to
to the customer through Independant Business Owners offering essentual
services that people already use everyday.

*Services such as: digital phone service,video phones,high speed internet,
wireless devices and service,long distance calling plans,satelite tv,home security and energy.
as well as small business services.

You can find reports about ACN in popular magazines,INC,USA Today,
Fortune 500,Success,Direct Selling News,Success From Home,the Wall Street
Journal and The Celebrity Apprentice has featured ACN twice,2009 and 2011.

Want to be in business for yourself but not by yourself?
How about being in business with a company that has a solid history of
success and an extensive product portfolio of home and business services
people need and use every day? You can be a part of it - the time is now.

Please send your questions and emails to: