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Thinking of You!

I know I have been away along time,although I used to tell myself,I was busy working,then I was tired or hungry and so on.
The recent loss of our nephew,age 27,has brought about some changes in the way I think.
Tonys' life was short but he packed alot of living and loving into all our hearts. He lived courageously and compassionately for others,he was a true humanitarian and still he fought cancer three times,yet that is what took him away from us,his loving wife,his family whom all adored him,his son barely a year old,his new baby on the way,his devoted friends and gratefull community associations.
Tony deeply touched the hearts of hundreds of people and never tired of his friends or family or community.He made everything he did seem easy.
Tony suffered but he never gave up on his dreams!
Thinking about our [GG] family is not enough,I need to let you all know,someone cares about you,someone is praying for you and listening to your sorrows and pleased to share in your joys.
I care and pray,I listen with my heart and I love to happy for other people!
Let's stay in touch more!