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Perfect Phil!!!

We met Phil's Pretty daughter at the pier. She pointed us to his air conditioned van. While we waited Poetic Phil entertained us with a plethora of "P" words. He was very helpful and made everyone feel comfortable in a city with the potential to be scary. He took us to Dunn River Falls, prepared us for what to expect and told us how to avoid the pressure sales from the people in the park. The falls took about an hour and then we were off to go inner tubing. The tubing was great and included a stop halfway to jump from a platform into the river. At the end Pleasant Phil picked us up and provided a peek of the coutryside incl uding a ride through Fern Gully. We paid for each part as we proceeded. Dunn River Falls $15/adult, Tubing $20/adult, and Phil's pay $20/adult. If you pick Phil you should enjoy your day and you will avoid problems that other people face.