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Phil is amazing. No need to look further. Book with Phil!

A group of 5 of us went on Phil's Dunn's River Falls and River Tubing excursion on November 23rd 2007. I knew from booking with Phil before the cruise that he was going to go above and beyond what the other tour guides provide. From the time of booking, Phil was very professional and very friendly. Before even arriving in Jamaica, we met people in Grand cayman the day before who had been one of Phil's excursions a few years back. They had amazing things to say about Phil. When we arrived in Jamaica, he did not disappoint. I must say though to be wary of other tour guides when you debark the ship. We almost got stuck with another tour guide because he said he worked with Phil and that Phil was not there that day. He was lying to us to get Phil's business. After finally telling the guy that we were not going to go with him until he called Phil, he finally gave up and led us to the one and only Phil Lafayette. Without going into too much detail, the tour was incredible. Not only did we get to experience the thrill of climbing a 600 foot waterfall and tube down a remote river with no other tourists around, but we learned a great deal about the culture, vegetation, government, and people of Jamaica. Phil also gave us a private tour of the city and brought us to a lookout where there is a beautiful view of the ocean and cruise ship in the dock. This was a truly memorable experience that we will never forget because of Phil. Phil even e-mailed me after we were back home to make sure we got back safely. He remembered all of our names! That really meant a lot to us and shows that he truly cares about his customers and sees them as friends. Thanks again Phil and we will definitely be back!

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