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Custom tours

Hi Phil,

I sent you a messages over the last couple of weeks to both your e-mail accounts but got no reply, so I thought I’d try one last time here instead.

My wife and I are going to be staying at the Royal Decameron Club Caribbean resort in Runaway Bay between March 24th and March 31st. We’ve been looking at some of the tours available (from you and others). Before we book any tours, we were hoping you could give us quotes on a couple of custom alternatives.

1) We would like to see the Appleton Rum estate and Mayfield Falls. Would it be possible to arrange a tour to do these two things in one day?

2) Our resort runs a tour called the Blue Mountain Adventure (although were not sure if it will be running when we’re there). The tour takes you into the Blue Mountains, you get to visit a local coffee grower, then see Spanish Town on the way back. We wondered if you could arrange something similar, perhaps crossing the Blue Mountains on the B1?

Also, we really like the sound of your Jamaica Mi Crazy tour, so would love it if we could include this idea into the two tours we are asking about.

Thanks a lot,