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Ridley family of Thorpe Larches

I am looking for information on my partners family history. Her grandfather Emmanuel Ridley, so we believe, built and owned the house called The Larches at Thorpe Larches, in around the early 1930's, we also believe he may have built one or two other properties within Thorpe Larches, including the garage which his son may have operated as a family business. I would also be interested in school records of the area. One of the family may also have lived at one of the railway cottages at the old station [Thorpe]which is now the walkway.

Many Thanks

Re: Ridley family of Thorpe Larches

We have search the census returns for Grindon Parish between 1841 and 1911 to see if we can find any listings for Ridley. If the Ridley’s had always lived north of Grindon, i.e. Thorpe Larches or at one of the Laytons etc. then we would not have found them anyway as they would be living out of the Parish.

Our search returned only one Ridley as detailed below;

Census Year: 1851
Name: John Ridley
Age: 21
Occupation: Joiner
Address: Brierley Cottage, Wynyard
Year of Birth: 1830

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Re: Ridley family of Thorpe Larches

From what I can remember old Mr. Ridley's built the first two tstory house in Thorpe Larches. Manny Riddley was the father of Albert, Tommy, Ronny, Matty, and to best of my memory Flossy their Daughter. Albert and Ronney worked for Bert Thompson at the quarry behind David McLarens Little Garth at Thorpe Thewles.

Ronney married Marjory Duck who's father worked for Herbert Davis at Thorpe Leazes. Matty ran a haulage buisiness from a house on Durham Road, fifty metres down from the Mile House pub on the opposite side of the road. He was was marriied to Molly and had Allen and Dennis as their kids. Ronny and Marjory lived in Stockton in the area behind the Queens Hotel and were friendly with my sister Margaret. Refer to an illustrated history of Wynyard estate and there you will see a photo of Tommy Riddley who was a member of the estate rifle club in the fifties.

This is all I can recall at present.