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Henry Vaux

Henry Vaux married Magdalen Harper at St Thomas A'Becket Church, Grindon in 1705. Henry was from Sedgefield and Magdalen was from Whitton. Although I visited the Church in 2000 there was little time to do much. Has anyone any knowledge of either family or suggested lines to pursue?

John Vaux

Re: Henry Vaux


Sincere apologies it not replying earlier as your query was prior to our ongoing work on the parish registers for Grindon parish and transcribing of the 1841 to 1911 census for the parish.

It appears that the Harper connection with the parish was a brief one. As the marriage was pre Lord Hardwicke's Act (1754), therefore, the detail on the marriage entry cannot be compared with other records.

I have looked at other resources, which you probably have already visited (FFHS indexes of which the National Burials Index is one, IGI) and have drawn a blank re Henry and Magdalen.

I only note the four baptisms of children of Henry in Sedgefield.

I also note that Henry (1735 and 1742) and Margaret Vaux (1740) married in Sedgefield (children of Henry and Magdalen, I believe). These entries may provide a clue as to whether Henry was still alive at this time, mention of Magdalen unlikely unless she was a witness to either marriage.

Searching burial entries will probably not progress you further as the age at burial is likely not to be recorded unless they reached a good age.

I am afraid that you may have reached an end to your research on this line.

You could consider a search for a will (Borthwick Institute York).

The only entry of Vaux is the marriage entry of Henry and Magdalen. Other Harper marriages in the parish are Ann Harper and Margaret Harper in 1818 and 1820 respectively. There are no baptisms nor burials for Harper nor Vaux in the parish.

With regards to census, a Harper family came from Staffordshire circa 1875 to settle at Whitton to work at the blast furnaces.

Apologies for the rather negative reply but should we come across Vaux or Harper in our research we will let you know.

Kind Regards ... Paul