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Welcome to our forum. If you have any questions or interesting information related to any aspect of the history of the Parish of Grindon in the Tees Valley (including Thorpe Thewles, Wynyard, Grindon & Fulthorpe) please feel free to post an entry in our Forum.

Thorpe Thewles History Group
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North East Rural Communities Web Forum


I hope this message finds everyone well and is not treading on anyone's toes.

I am continuing to develop a website called It has two goals: -

To provide comprehensive information on rural communities in the North-East of England

To promote local businesses and group

I would like to invite everyone to review my website at

I would also like to invite people to review my website forum at

Please join the forum and cotrinute to the local conversation. Please note that the forum went live in October 2008, and so needs members, businesses and groups to sign up and start posting!



Re: North East Rural Communities Web Forum

Lets see if this works to give you all a hyperlink to click on: -[/link][/link]

If it doesn't work, please take the time to copy and paste the address into your browser.

I promise you it will be worth it - (probably)

Re: North East Rural Communities Web Forum

One last time - I feel that we have nearly cracked it: -