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The Home Guard in the Thorpe Thewles Area (1939-45).

Can anyone offer me any information about the activities and escapades of the local Home Guard who were station in and around Thorpe Thewles during World War II (1939-45). I know there were guardsmen station in the village and that their local Head Quarters was located in the neighbouring village of Carlton. I would be also keen to know more about the Ack-Ack batteries that were located along the northern perimeter of the Stockton area. Several 3.7 inch Ack-Ack shell heads have recently been found in fields south of Thorpe Thewles. I know there was a famous gun, known as “Big Bertha” or “Kiora” which was located in adjacent to Kiora Hall, close to where Bakeston School now stands. I have been told that this gun fired 3.5 inch rounds and had a very load and distinctive roar when fired.

Any information would be most welcomed no matter how small.

Thanks in advance.

Mark Smith

Re: The Home Guard in the Thorpe Thewles Area - An update of findings

The following individuals have been identified by the TTHG Wartime Memories Project as being members of the Thorpe Thewles Home Guard (1940-44).

If you can throw any light on the history of any of these people or add to the above list of names please contact us.


Mark Smith