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Rose Cottage

Hi. I read Sharon's post and Bill's reply below with interest as my Great Grandfather George William Clark and his family were shown as living in Rose Cottage on the 1891 census. In 1881 they were shown as living next door to Grindon Parochial School. George went on to marry and become a gamekeeper for Sir Samuel Sadler on his estate at Preston on Tees. I have been unable to find out what happened to his parents John and Diana but assume that they remained in the village until they died. If they did, where would the most probable burial place have been? I'd be grateful for any information that would help in researching this branch of my family. Regards, Debbie

Re: Clark Family of Rose Cottage, Thorpe Thewles.

If they had stayed in the village they would most probably have been buried in the village church yard, St. James'. I am not sure when the old Parish church at Grindon finally closed for burials but feel it would have been sometime in the later second half of the nineteenth century after the church had closed for regular services.

From a transcribed list of burials at St. James' Church the following entries may be of some relevance to your family history;

Clark, Christopher Dixon, buried 1 Feb. 1892, age 9 months.
Clark, John Hodgson, buried 29 Sep. 1884, age 4 years.
Clark, William, buried 27 Sep. 1855, age 83 years.
Clarke, Alfred Henry, buried 28 Oct. 1867, age 5 Months.
Clarke, Annie Susan, buried 15 Sep. 1865, Infant.
Clarke, Mary, buried 8 Nov. 1831, age 72 years.
Clarke, Mary, buried 23 Apr. 1857, age 25 years.
Clarke, Timothy, buried 24 Oct. 1861, infant.

If its of any help to you I could see if there are any tomb stones to any of the above still standing in the church yard as they may record further family details (i.e names of children, wives and husbands etc.). Drop me a line if you would like me to check for you.

All the best

Mark Smith

Re: Rose Cottage

Thanks for your reply Mark. The last five on your list I can probably rule out as the family were living in Rudston near Bridlington until 1871. I've looked on the 1851 census and William Clark age 83 doesn't belong to my lot either. That leaves the two young boys who strangely I haven't managed to find on either the censuses for the years they were alive or on the BMD indexes. If you are in the area some time I would appreciate you having a look for their tomb stones. If they belong to my family their mother would be Diana and their father John Clark. Regards, Debbie.

Re: Clark Family of Rose Cottage, Thorpe Thewles.

Hi Debbie

I had a look in St. James’ churchyard over the weekend for you. There was no sign of either of the burials of the two young boys you were interested in, i.e.

Clark, Christopher Dixon, buried 1 Feb. 1892, age 9 months.
Clark, John Hodgson, buried 29 Sep. 1884, age 4 years.

However, there were the following “Clark” burials that you may or may not be aware of;

1) Mary Clark, wife of John Clark. Died 20th April 1877. Aged 25 years.
2) Alice A. Clark, wife of Reginald W. Clark. Died 1st January 1987. Aged 87 years.
3) Reginald W. Clark. Died 25th August 1959. Aged 60 years.
George Clark of Wynyard. Husband of Eidth Clark. Died 17th April 1945. Aged 48 years.

I have photos of all of the above grave stones if you need copies of any of them.

Is the John Clark mentioned above the same John Clark you mentioned from your family tree?


TTHG Webmaster

Re: Rose Cottage

Thanks for all your hard work Mark. Unfortunately I can rule out all those burials. I'm sure however that I've been in touch with a descendant of Reginald Clark through Genes Reunited so I'll pass the details of this website on to them. Thanks once again for your help. Best wishes, Debbie.