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medieval period

hello again......the new article on the coin hoard is very interesting, it has been confirmed now that the project i have been working on in carlton is a medieval settlement i also belive that there was a large manor house on the settlement also, however this has not been confirmed yet. the date i belive the manor house to have been built is 1154 almost the same date as the coins.
last year on the field on the south side of the streem that runs through thorpe i picked up 78 sherds of early medieval pottery wich also is from the same period as the coins. once im able to prove the manor house was there i will then be able to prove just how important thorpe was in medieval times and how important the mill race was during this period. im am almost sure that the mill race played a much more important role than the history books tell us.
i do have a copy of the SMR and photos for the pottery ive found at thorpe and if you ever wanted to see the pottery or borrow the sherds of pottery for display you are more than welcome. dave

Re: medieval period

Your note about medieval Thorpe reminds me that about 1975 when I was working at the Dorman Museum, M'bro, a member of the public brought in an item for identification. He said that it had been found in Thorpe Thewles between the road and the stream. It was a brass pestle the style of which (or was it some lettering on the side?) indicated that it was from the medieval period.

Re: medieval period

Hi Cliff,

Can you remember any more information about the find in/near Thorpe Thewles? Would you be able to describe the gentleman who showed it to you?


Re: medieval period

Hi Stuart - First let me correct my previous posting, I got my pestles and mortars mixed up, - it was a brass mortar that was found and not a pestle. I suspect that it was found using a metal detector. As for the finder's description, I was paying more attention to the find than the finder. From what I recall he was about 20 yr old with longish tousled fair hair. I think that he came into the museum with a friend.

Re: medieval period

Hi again,

Hmmmm. I was just wondering if we knew the Person in question. It would be a long shot from the description you gave, but i'll ask the group when we next meet on Friday.

Did you get a lot of finds from the area around Thorpe Thewles?

Re: medieval period

Stuart, we are talking about 30 years ago, so my memory about the person might not be 100% accurate. I am more certain about the mortar as it was such an unusual piece and in pretty good condition. I am not sure if I sent the information about the find to the County Archaeological Unit to plot on their finds map. You might want to check that out with the Tees Archaeology Unit - I presume they are the successors to the previous Cleveland County archaeology team?

I cannot recall any other archaeological finds from Thorpe Thewles coming to the Dorman during my tenure (1974-1979).

Re: medieval period

I have just come across some information that may be relevant to this thread. Apparently in 1957 the vicar of Thorpe Thewles came across some sherds along with two skulls.
They were said to have been found at grid reference 401233.