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Information requested - Thomas Family of Thorpe Thewles (c.1930s).

Just came across your website whilst researching my Great Great Grandma Thomas. I’m hoping you can help me with my family history.

I discovered my ancestors name was Elizabeth Annie Thomas, my uncle told me she lived in a converted railway carriage, possibly two, with wooden and corrugated tin sheet out buildings, this was run as a tea garden with tables and umbrellas on the lawn and front garden, which faced onto what was then the main road a ¼ or a mile away from Thorpe Thewles village. She served tea and home-made cakes to hikers rambling in the Wynyard park area. Her home was practically underneath a railway via duct. I know nothing else except that she lived there in the 1930’s when my uncle visited her. Elizabeth Annie Thomas was born in 1885, her father was called Evan James Thomas and her mother Jane Thomas (Nee Umpelby). I do not have any photographs of the tea rooms, Elizabeth herself or have any information about her and her tearooms.

Perhaps someone reading this may have some information that could help me? Is o please reply to this Forum entry.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Yours sincerely

Sharon Donaldson

Re: Information requested - Thomas Family of Thorpe Thewles (c.1930s).

It would seem to me that the most likely spot where your aunt lived was "Rose Cottage". However, I only remember this as a cosy little wooden bungalow at the side of the railway embankment to where the detached "three arches" section of the railway viaduct once stood. The bungalow was demolished before the A177 by-pass around the village was constructed in the 1970s. I will send you a photo. of the scene taken a moment before the detonation of the explosives which brought down the "three arches". Rose Cottage was on the right hand side of the photo where a mound is shown. I will seek further information about the cottage from folk with a longer memory than myself and shall try and establish a better connection for you. the old couple who lived there prior to the viaduct's demolition were Mr. and Mrs. Hill.

W. Alison

Re: Information requested - Thomas Family of Thorpe Thewles (c.1930s).

We have search the census returns for Grindon Parish plus the neighbouring villages of Stillington and Whitton between 1841 and 1911 to see if we can find any listings for Thomas.

Our search returned three entries one of which looks to fit for your ancestor Elizabeth Thomas plus her husband;

Census Year: 1901
Census District: Whitton
Names: George & Elizabeth Thomas
Relationship: Husband & wife
Ages: 24 & 25 respectively
Year of Birth: 1877 & 1876 respectively
Occupations: Blast Furnace Labourer & un-listed respectively
Address at Census: 53, Lowson Street, Carlton Ironworks, (i.e. Stillington) Whitton
Place of Birth: Weaver Swanlow Lane & Carlton Ironworks, (i.e. Stillington) respectively

Census Year: 1881
Census District: Grindon
Names: Sarah A. Thomas
Marital Status: Single
Ages: 20
Year of Birth: 1861
Occupation: Domestic servant (Governess)
Address at Census: Wynyard Park Land Agents House
Place of Birth: Durham

Hope this is of some assistance.

Mark Smith