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School information

Hello. Bill Jones who has enquired about his Jamieson family suggested I look at your website. I’m delighted to have found it. I, too, am descended from Jamiesons. My great-grandfather was John Jamieson, born at Wynyard in 1857. My grandmother was Florence Jamieson born in Dalton Piercy in 1887. I have been told that John Jamieson worked as a blacksmith at Wynyard Park and that my grandmother worked as a teacher at the school for estate children. Is there anywhere that I can look to confirm these facts and possibly find out more about them?

Re: School information

Hello Anne,

*** this reply is a copy of the reply posted under Interested in Family history thread ***

Many thanks for sharing your appreciation of our website. We are a small band and this feedback raises our spirits.

Dalton Piercy is within Hart Parish which is just outside of our area. We expanded our area of interest, making Thorpe Thewles the hub of a wheel, by adding neighbouring parishes. Wynyard falls within two parishes, one of we have transcribed the Church Parish Registers of baptism, marriage and burial. Transcription of these added parishes is ongoing.

Wynyard School Records are on my growing to-do list and I will gladly review them for mentions of your grandmother. Unfortunately I am not at a stage where I can make promises as to when.

Please bare with me.

If you feel comfortable to do so please feel free to email me direct

Keep smiling ... Paul