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Thorpe Thewles Parish Council in the 1890s - Joseph Grainge

I am researching some of the staff of the Marquess of Londonderry in the 1890s, and understand that Joseph Grainge, who was Butler/House Steward at Wynyard Hall at the time, sat on Thorpe Thewles Parish Council. He died in a drowning accident in Co Down on 11 April 1895, and I would be interested if there was a record of his death in the Parish Council records. Would anyone know if the Parish Council records are archived anywhere, and how I could access them?

Re: Thorpe Thewles Parish Council in the 1890s - Joseph Grainge

Hi Peter,

Am a but lost on your connection of Joseph to Wynyard and Thorpe.

As you mention Joseph was drowned in Co.Down (boating accident on Strangford Loch) his body was picked up by a passing steamer and he was laid to rest in Uxbridge Cemetery. His death was registered at Newtownards.

Probate calendar lists his address as 7 Eland Road, Lavender Hill, Surrey 2434l 9s 1d to widow, Kate Maria, therefore would he not be employed at Holderness House?

Keep smiling ... Paul