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Thorpe Leazes Farm & Cottages

My grandparents on my mum's side, Gordon and Emily Duck lived at 1 Thorpe Leazes Cottages. My grandfather was a farm worker. From 5 years of age (1958) I visited my grandparents most weekends, travelling alone from my parent's home in Stockton.

Sadly my grandfather died when I was 11 years old. I had helped him work with pigs at the farm and also in his fruit and vegetable garden. To this day I remember some very special times and have a love for farm and garden to this day.

On my father's side - he grew up at The Larches, Thorpe Larches. His name was Imanuel Ridley.

I am really interested to learn more about the farm, cottages and my grandparents. I now live in the south of England and both my parents passed away when I was in my 30's.

George R Ridley

Re: Thorpe Leazes Farm & Cottages

Hi George,

Apologies for quick reply. I will add more 'meat' later.

When your grandparents moved into the cottages built next to Thorpe Leazes Farm (likely after their marriage in 1951) it would have been a relatively new build.

The Ridley family moved from Skipton to Thorpe Larches via Stockton (have yet to determine whether town of Stockton or a rural area of Stockton).

The Duck family I have in Broughton then Sleights and to Thorpe Leazes via Pickering.

Keep smiling ... Paul