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Re: David McLaren Diary Project

I wondered if any more progress had been made making David`s Diary`s available to the wider public.
When I found these three pre first world war diary`s, with just about every page filled with his life, his take on local news and events in the wider world at a carboot sale in Hull and read them, I really thought I know the lad. I decided I couldn't just put them on a shelf to gather dust or put them on ebay so they could gather dust in someone else`s home.
With the diary`s ending with him attending a local officer training collage I needed to know if he survived the war etc. Your group kindly gave me that information.
I donated them to your group because that was the right thing to do.
I hope they can be made more wildly available. I`m sure The people of your local area would find these diary`s even more interesting than I did.
Yours sincerely