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Applegarths at Cape House

Subject: Applegarths at Cape House

Hello, you kindly helped me to place a request for any information about my
grandparents, David and Bessie Applegarth that had a farm at Cape House,
near the viaduct above Thorpe Thewels and Carlton? It was set alight by
arsonists in1974' the year I was born. My mother, Rosemary Applegarth and
Aunty, Marion Applegarth grew up as girls on the farm. I believe they know a
great deal more however everything was lost in the fire. I believe they were
there for several decades before the fire razed the farmhouse to the ground.
Might there be a microfiche article in the news. I understand that it may
have been set alight whilst my grandmother came to visit me in Italy, days /
weeks after my birth on October 8th 1974.

Is there anyone in the group that recalls the Applegarths or has any images
of Cape House?
I appreciate any information you may be able to unearth.
Kind regards,
Julian Applegarth