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Help needed in tracing my Jamieson family connection to Grindon Parish


I'm a retired Kodak engineer and grandfather in Rochester, New York, USA. For several years I have been researching my family's background. My mother's paternal grandfather was a man named John Joseph Jamieson. He died in 1947. All we knew about his background was that he was born in England on Sept. 26, 1866 and emigrated to the US about 1886.

I recently sent for, and received, a copy of his death certificate from 1947. It states that his father's name was David Jamieson and his mother's name was Ellen Smithwade Jamieson. I then went searching on for John Joseph
Jamieson's born in 1866 with father David and mother Ellen Smithwade Jamieson. I was not able to get an EXACT match, but the person I got in the 1871 England census in Grindon Thorpe is very close! The only discrepancy is that Grindon Thorpe JJJ's mother's name is Margaret, not Ellen. His father, David, was a coal merchant. In the US, my JJJ worked as a coal miner. We also have many "David's" in our family.

The fact I very much want to know is Grindon Thorpe JJJ's exact date of birth. If it is September 26, 1866, then I'll be satisfied that I've found my great grandfather.

I have also obtained a census from London for 1881. That John Joseph Jamieson may also be the same person. Looks to me as though he was expelled from a private school. That sounds like my great grandfather! Also, he was born in Stockton on Tees.

Please advise me as to what I need to do to obtain the birthdate of Grindon Thorpe John Joseph Jamieson.

I use to post family info. Here's a link to my contributor page:

Here's a link to the find a grave memorial I posted for "my" John Joseph Jamieson:


Bill Jones
(Rochester, NY, USA)

Re: Help needed in tracing my Jamieson family connection to Grindon Parish

Hi Bill,

There were two John J Jamieson's whose birth was registered in England and Wales 1866 +/- 10 years.
John J Jul-Sep 1866 Bath
John J Oct-Dec 1866 Stockton
These are registration districts and not places of birth.
With John Joseph's birth being 26th Sep highly likely that he is our man .... 4 days to register a birth is very very fast.
In 1881 our John Joseph was in Edmonton, Middlesex living at his old school he disappears from the census after that. The fact that you state that he emigrated in 1886 being the reason. England has censuses every 10 years unlike the States who have 5 yearly ones.

John J's father married at Holy Trinity, Thorpe Thewles on 12th Apr 1862 David a tea dealer of Grindon son of Hugh a labourer married Ellen (Musgrave) of Greatham daughter of William a farmer.

Between Jul-Sep 1867 David married Margaret (Musgrave or Stanton ... likely Musgrave) ... I would put my money on Greatham. Ellen having died in 1867 (buried at Greatham 18th Mar 1867)

Greatham is about 5 miles from Thorpe Thewles with Wolviston being approx. halfway between them.

In Wolviston there were at least 2 Jamieson families and they appear to be brothers John and David. It also appears that their father Hugh was also at Wolviston. Strictly speaking they were living on the Wynyard Estate which lies in Grindon Parish (Thorpe Thewles' Parish) close to the boundary with the Wolviston Parish.

To make further progress I will need to access both the Wolviston and Greatham Parish Registers (which I should be able to do by the end of this month)

Hope this helps.

Keep Smiling ... Paul

Re: Help needed in tracing my Jamieson family connection to Grindon Parish

Hi Bill,

Am at a loss on the surname Smithwade for Ellen as this surname is very very rare at this time (1860's). I think that this is an error and may in fact have more relationship to his wife's family or just an educated guess.

Keep Smiling .... Paul

Re: Help needed in tracing my Jamieson family connection to Grindon Parish

Might the name Ellen Smithwade on my great grandfather's death certificate be a corruption of the name Smurthwaite?

Bill Jones