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Memories sought of Mr. F.W. Lister of Grindon C of E School, Thorpe Thewles

Recently TTHG received an enquiry from Colin Dennison of Stranraer asking for details regarding a Mr. F.W. Lister. The man in question had been a schoolteacher at Billingham South School until 1941 when he join the Royal Navy seeing active service in the Battle of the Atlantic. After the war Mr. Lister returned to Norton on Teesside. Between 1946 and 1954 he returned to teaching becoming the head teacher of Grindon C. of E School in Thorpe Thewles. In between teaching and his war service Mr. Lister also wrote three historic novels.

Since receiving Colin’s original enquiry members of TTHG have been put in contact with Mr. Lister’s daughter, Daphne Peters (nee Lister) who now lives in Ripon. Daphne has since supplied us with more history about her farther and his working life while at Thorpe Thewles. She has fond memories of many of her father’s former pupils from the village. Many of these former pupils she still remembers as she got to know several of them personally through joining her father on many of the famous school outings and village excursions which he was renowned for organising.

If anyone has any memories they would be happy sharing with TTHG about Mr. Lister we would be very pleased to hear from them.

Thank you in advance.

Bill Allison