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TTHG's Thorpe Leazes Farm & Lands History Project - An appeal for your help

Hi All

Thorpe Thewles History Group is currently working on a history of Thorpe Leazes Farm (on the road between Stillington and Grindon) in the northern part of Grindon Parish. To day the farm is the home of Tom Walker & Sons Ltd., a major UK cheese packer and distributor. We are looking at every aspect of the farm, its lands and the people who lived and worked on it over all time periods.

If anyone has any information about this farm or the fields and cottages adjacent to it we would love to hear from you. Did you play in the area as a child or know any of the characters that lived or worked on the farm. If so let us have your memories, no matter how large or small. You can contact us via the e-mail link below or if you’re happy to share your memories why not just post them here on the Forum in reply to this message.

Thanks in advance

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Re: TTHG's Thorpe Leazes Farm & Lands History Project - An appeal for your help

Thorpe Leazes was owned by Herbert Davis, his wife was the daughter of George Blair named Gladys. Their two children named Dorothy and Reginald attended Grindon C OF E school.George Blair farmed Grindon Grange prior to the McLarens.George Blair lost his first wife and married his second wife and retired into the house next door to the parish hall. Herbert Davis sold up to a chap named Allan who had won quite a considerable sum of money on the pools. On selling up, the Davis family moved the farm, lock stock and barrel to somewhere down in England.

The second wife of George Blair, Edie had a son named Maurice Hedley, he was the transport manager for H. L. Walker, Henry Walker owned Long Newton Grange, Layfield Transport and Layfield buses. He was also a prominant member of various other organisations including Stockton Rural District Council. The Hedley's would reveal more information regarding the Leazes if they could be traced. A farm worker named Joe Armstrong who worked for Davis family was also the rep for the union of agricultural workers, he was married to Nellie Rowntree who lived with her brother Alf in Orchard Cottage. Another farm worker was a man named Duck, he became related to the Ridley's of Thorpe Larches.

Hope this is of use to you.